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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Death March Read:

I'm all caught up on web novel 16 of Death March.  The novel should be ending shortly since it's already on part 44, but it's still ongoing.  From here on I'll just be reading Death March in short segments as it comes out.  Luckily the translator for Death March is the best in the business, so there won't be long delays like defan's translation of SAO.

There's no telling how good book 16 is until future plot developments occur.  If he was earnest in stating his romantic inclination to Zena, it's a great book.  But if he just used that as an excuse to break off her engagement with the prince and ignores her from here on, I'll be peeved.

I want Satou to requite the feelings of all these girls who are in love with him.  It makes no sense to be a buddha in a situation like this.  If they don't mind your being polygamous, why should you?  All these girls are happier with a part of your attention than the whole of someone else, so everyone wins.  Zena is a great girl so there's no reason Satou would see marrying her to be a chore.  He has infinite wealth so it's not like he can't support innumerable wives and kids.  I just don't see the problem.  Book 16 might show that the author is slowly beginning to agree with me and setting up actual marriages with the girls who have grown to like Satou, or it might just be another feint and another disappointment.

Death March should just go for it and have him marry everyone.  Thirty, forty, fifty girls, whatever it takes.  Aze-san suggested 100 wives, so let's go with that.  As a superhuman god, that number of girls should be easy to handle.

Now I've read everything in my good books hall of fame, so none can doubt my sincerity when I encourage others to do the same.

Next up is Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume 8, which just came out a couple weeks ago.  Then there's still Spice and Wolf volume 19 to read.  Is it possible that I can just keep reading great books all the way to the World Cup?

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