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Friday, March 23, 2018

Yoko Ishida and Youko Ishida are the same person:

I had two one hit wonder composers in my music hall of fame:  Yoko Ishida and Youko Ishida.  It looked slightly suspicious so I checked it out.  Sure enough, it's just different spellings of the same person.  Both songs were by a single composer, Yoko Ishida, who I just hadn't given any credit until now.

That's been fixed.  Yoko Ishida is now my 200th eminent composer responsible for at least 2 or more songs in my music hall of fame.

In order to make room for Yoko Ishida, I had to bump Percival back down to a one-hit wonder, and give his second song credit to Marcin, who co-composed the song with Percival.  So now Marcin has 3 songs, Yoko has 2, and Percival has 1 and is off my list.

Percival joins 236 other one-hit wonders who don't get to be personally named in my music hall of fame, for a total of 237 anonymous helpers.

So far I haven't had to leave anyone anonymous who was genuinely responsible for 2 or more hall of fame worthy songs.  That's just due to divine luck.  But one has to imagine the day will eventually arrive where even having 2 songs to your name isn't enough to get you on the list of the 200 most eminent composers.  In that case I'll just create a third category of composers, guys who aren't one hit wonders but still just aren't eminent enough.

Luckily, even with Yoko Ishida's sudden promotion, such a category isn't yet necessary, but next time I'll have no more tricks left up my sleeve.

Meanwhile, SNSbu has released a full blu-ray 1080p copy of Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei, including all the specials, which includes special 4 which had until now never been translated.  Good job, SNSbu!

Meanwhile, 3/4 of the March Madness games today were upsets.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Keep it up, underdogs!

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