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Friday, March 30, 2018

We waited 12 years for 12 eps:

Full Metal Panic's newest season is listed at just twelve episodes in length.  Not nearly enough to cover anything.  To add insult to injury, we waited twelve fucking years for this.  So at this rate we'll get one new episode a year.  When will Full Metal Panic! be finished at that rate?  God knows.  Probably long after everyone's dead.

If they were only going to do a 12 episode season I almost wish they hadn't bothered doing anything at all.  What's the use of expanding on a series from one cliffhanger and just moving it to a slightly further forward cliffhanger that's just as bad?

I've been waiting for years, excitedly, after multiple delays, for this to come out.  And in the end what was all the hype about?  One or two more light novels being covered than before.

Now maybe they'll announce a 5th season after this season ends or something, and it will all work out.  But right now all I feel is absolute disgust with the entire industry.  Full Metal Panic! is one of the most popular, best selling, and beloved anime series of all time.  It should not be difficult to amass the capital necessary to animate the whole story from start to finish.  And yet here we are, adrift, like always.

This is the equivalent of Square Enix announcing they've run out of money so their FF7 Remake will only cover until they leave Midgar.  No one wants your shitty half finished product, Xebec.  Call us when you actually have some Full Metal Panic! ready.

I was so hyped for 2018 and everything is falling through one after the next.  We don't actually get Alicization, we get the beginning of Alicization.  wheee.  We don't actually get FMP, we get a tiny slice of FMP.  yayyyy.  Dragon Ball Super is getting a movie, sorry about the tv show being cancelled.  huzzahhhh.    Still no schedule for Fairy Tail or Index.  whooooop.

Well, at least I listened to Mozart's requiem today, so 2018 wasn't totally wasted.

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