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Monday, March 5, 2018

Top 200 Movies:

By pure coincidence, my top 50 movie franchises/genres list currently adds up to a top 200 individual movies.  This is thanks to Thor: Ragnarok being a good movie everyone should check out, which bumped the total up from the previous 199.

So if anyone wants to check out my favorite movies list, now is the most well-rounded time:

I think I'll try and keep it stabilized at 200 movies for as long as possible by cutting some weaker movies at the same rate as I add news ones, in order to enjoy the top 200 symmetry to my top 200 anime list for as long as possible.

In coincidental synchrony with these two lists, my music hall of fame is down to 202 eminent composers/performers after I realized a lot of people were just singing songs composed by Yoko Kanno, who is now given the proper crediting for 15 songs.

The total list of songs is down to a humorous 4444.  But it will soon be going up again, once Valkyria Chronicles 4 hits the tubes.

Like everyone said, Justice League was terrible.  Everyone was so busy insulting and fighting each other, I never felt like they were a team or even heroes.  I don't understand why everyone has to strut around with so much attitude and domineering rudeness in American movies.  It's just unforgivably barbaric and crude.  Can't they try to get along for just five seconds before they start the animal dominance rituals?

If Justice League is this bad, there's no reason to look forward to any subsequent DC movies.  I liked Wonder Woman so I still have some interest in Wonder Woman 2.  After that, meh.

Hugtto Precure is watchable, but it's not any better than Kira Kira.  This series has been in the basement for a long time now.

DW9 ends at an even earlier time period than DW8 (or even 7?).  It doesn't even cover Zhong Hui's rebellion, much less the fall of Wu.  This game desperately needs expansion packs to deliver the full three kingdoms experience and storyline we deserve.  I don't know why koei-tecmo keeps repeating the same mistake over and over again.  Why can't they just follow the source material to the ending?

The game is great at delivering the content it has, but it's so sorely lacking in content.  Not enough costumes, weapons, characters or battles are covered.  I say this as someone who's played it for 130 hours and counting, but there could still be so much more content than was provided.

Mujaki no Rakuen Parallel is scheduled to end this May, so just like Btooom! it exceeded my expectations and lasted another year, but ultimately these manga ended without any new good manga starting, so my point from last year that all good manga series are ending and no good ones are starting anymore stands.

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