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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Parasite Eve 2 Music:

Worthless.  Not even one song can be considered great.  Only a couple were even worth listening to all the way through.  (Some were remixes of Yoko Shimomura's great soundtrack, but obviously those don't count.)

How can I explain Naoshi Mizuta, normally such a good composer, producing such atrocious music?  I think there was a combination of things.  First, he was trying to compose 'in the spirit' of Yoko Shimomura and he's clearly just not equipped to emulate someone else like that.  If he'd just stuck to his own instincts I'm sure he would have done much better.  Second, they went with a 'horror' theme to the music, so ambient atmospheric not-even-music songs, and that will pull down anyone.  Even Motoi Sakuraba's Dark Souls music was no good due to that same horror vibe.  But with Dark Souls you could at least listen to the music, this soundtrack was so bad you couldn't even do that.

Maybe another explanation is that Naoshi Mizuta was just a rookie at this time and simply wasn't ready.  I don't know.  But for whatever reason, this is the worst soundtrack ever.

I have now officially hit rock bottom.  An entire soundtrack and not even one song to point to as a reward for the effort.

No more video game music for me.  Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Soul Calibur 6 when they come out, sure, but this fruitless searching through the annals of the past isn't getting me anywhere.

4,467 songs for a total playing time of 10.2 days is good enough.

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