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Friday, March 2, 2018

Four More Remixes:

It's amazing that this late in I'm still finding remixes in my music hall of fame.  All four songs were by Nobuo Uematsu.  He's the usual culprit.  He may be the best composer out there, but he relies on remixes more than any other as well, which may be fine when actually playing the video game, but gets really annoying once you're just listening to the music for the music's sake.

'Sprouting' shares the same melody as 'To Zanarkand.'  I already preferred 'Ending Theme's version of 'To Zanarkand', so in the end I had to ditch 'Ending Theme' to preserve 'Sprouting.'  It's crazy that I'd never noticed the overlap until now, but 'Sprouting' has a really cheerful feel whereas 'To Zanarkand' was melancholy, so it was difficult to notice the overlap.

Also, in Final Fantasy 5, 'A Presentiment,' 'Deception,' and 'Four Valiant Hearts' are all remixes of 'Ahead on our Way.'  I swear there are even more remixes in FF5, but try as I might my ear can't distinguish the subtle differences or similarities of the remaining songs.  Maybe if I listen to them long enough I'll discover the remaining problems, just like I figured this one out by listening to the songs long enough on repeat.  But for now all I can be sure of is that these three are remixes.

I also dropped 'Urban Chrome' from FF15 simply because it was a bad song.  That brings my total music hall of fame collection to 4446 songs, still 10.1 days in length.

Because I'm using the itunes tool to snip songs by not playing portions of their beginnings or endings, it's more like 10 days in length, but itunes doesn't know how to measure things like that so I'll never know precisely how much time I'm saving with such edits.

In any case, I've done a good job paring down my list in time to welcome Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Soul Calibur 6, which will shoot the numbers back up again.  If I'm going to listen to every good song in the world 100 times, I need to cut out as much dead weight as possible.

Meanwhile, March Madness has secretly already begun.  This is because the winners of every conference tournament can punch an automatic ticket to the NCAA tourney.  Said conference tourneys are already underway, which means from a certain point of the view the brackets are already in action.  Every team in the country is technically 'in' the NCAA tournament until they're defeated.  That's the wonder of March, anything can happen.  Not every team has a high enough chance to enter the tourney to be worth monitoring, but at least the conference championship game should be followed just like the main tournament, the level of play is about as high as the first round of the real tournament and it has just as important consequences, so there's no real point distinguishing between the two.

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