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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Don't Disrespect the 'Cuse:

Remember all those people saying Syracuse didn't belong in the NCAA tournament?  Well here they are now in the Sweet Sixteen, after taking down Michigan State, whom many people, including ex-President Obama, said was going to win it all.  Lesson learned.  Don't disrespect the 'Cuse, folks.  It never goes well.

In 2016 Syracuse was disrespected, with people saying it didn't belong in the tournament.  Guess how far they got?  The Final Four.  The first 10 seed to ever reach those heights.  Well now Syracuse is an 11 seed.  Does that mean they'll make it all the way to the championship?

From here on I think we should just auto include Syracuse in every tournament.  They're obviously better than people think, so people shouldn't even be allowed to have a say in these things.

Meanwhile, I discovered a lot of my eminent composers/performers weren't real, because they were just vocalists for songs composed by someone else already on my list.  Joelle, See-Saw and Yae fell under these rules.

Luckily I have three new composers from Witcher III to take their slots -- Marcin, Percival and Mikolai.  It's like God intended for me to discover both of these things on the same day.  Which leaves me at, still, exactly 200 composers who aren't 1 shot wonders making up my music hall of fame.

If I wanted I could count Percival as a 1 shot wonder and add another song to Marcin's credit, which I'll do if I ever need to squeeze in another composer, but it's perfectly fair to count Percival as having done 2 songs, since he shares songwriting credits with Marcin on one of my hall of fame songs.  Like this I'm at exactly 200 composers, which is exactly where I want to be.

Some other composers finally got the credit they deserved for the songs they truly were responsible for -- Naoshi Mizuta, Kumi Tanioka, Yuki Kajiura and Mitsuto Suzuki, so congratulations to them for their now higher numbers.

Origa and Kokia had some songs written by others, but not enough to knock them off my eminent list entirely, they were just cut down to size a bit.

My Good Music permapost has now been updated to reflect all the changes, including my new Xenoblade, Beethoven and Witcher music, for people who want to know what exact songs I'm talking about.

The Death March manga doesn't get much further than the anime, but it was fun while it lasted.  Now I can read the 4th light novel, which has been translated and is the only book that exceeds the manga, or I could just skip right to the 6th web novel.  Decisions, decisions.

I've rewatched everything in my rankings that aired in 2016 except Berserk and New Game.  This is because they both had sequels in 2017, which reset their timers, and neither of these sequels have come out in blu-ray, so it's impossible to rewatch them as of yet.

Even so, I suspect I'll be forced to rewatch them both soon just out of a lack of other things to rewatch.

One of the big problems with the world of anime right now is not only is there nothing good coming out in 2018, but nothing good came out in 2017 either, so even my rewatching prospects are limited.  In 2017 I didn't have anything good to watch, but I got to rewatch tons of amazing anime, like Naruto, Nanoha, Hayate no Gotoku, etc.  The amount of good stuff coming out in blu-ray from 2016 or prior kept me well supplied.

All of those fun blu-ray rewatches are already complete, so now it's 2017 anime or nothing -- and 2017 anime is nearly as bad as nothing.  These two pitiful series from 2016, Berserk and New Game, are all I have left outside of that 2017 desert.

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