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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Amagi Brilliant Park Volume 4 Translated:

This was a welcome surprise.  The entirety of Amagi Brilliant Park light novel volume 4 was released, translated, all at once, on the 5th.

The translation can be found here:

All hail frozensama for a job well done.

The anime didn't do this series justice, so translators are desperately needed for this project.  It's good to know someone's on the job.

This came just when I was out of books to read, so it's also great timing.

In preparation for Valkyria Chronicles 4 coming out (March 21st), I downloaded all the music from Valkyria Chronicles 1-3.  It's all by the same composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto, my 3rd favorite (at least in terms of quantity) composer of all time.  I need to listen through all these games, then listen through game 4 when it comes out, and then add this new batch of music to my hall of fame.  It will likely be hundreds of songs by the time I'm done.  Listening through and judging hundreds of new songs takes time, and the only way to pass that time is to be reading a book at the same time, so Amagi Brilliant Park volume 4 couldn't have come at a more crucial juncture.

It's funny how I chip away at my music list a song or two at a time, and then, boom, a hundred new songs join my hall of fame.  At this rate my grand goal of listening to all my favorite music 100 times is receding ever further into the distance.  But my other grand goal of listening to all the best music the world has to offer is prospering brilliantly.  I'm glad all these Japanese composers are still churning out so much brilliance, the west's musical landscape these days is just complete desolation.  Those composers who haven't committed suicide yet, like Dolores O'riordan did, are just washed up instead and their albums incapable of producing a single hit.

If not for Hitoshi Sakimoto and his pals the world wouldn't have any new good music at all.

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