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Friday, February 23, 2018

No Game No Life Zero out in Blu-ray:

The long awaited movie that came out last year in Japan is now available in English over at

I read the book the movie is based off of, and it's an okay storyline, despite not even featuring the main characters we're used to.

Perhaps 2017 could have been a better year in anime if movies like these had come out sooner, but as things stand this will help to bolster 2018's overall quality.  With the Olympics winding down and no more figure skating competitions left, movies like these are just what we need.

The technical level of these Olympics is unquestionable, all sorts of athletes performed magnificently in all sorts of sports, most of all in figure skating.  I feel like the NBC broadcast wasn't very good at covering these Olympics, though.  Too much fixation on gays and diversity, too many interviews and too few actual events and action.  The time zone differences didn't help much, either.

Well, it is what it is.  At least we didn't go to war with North Korea in the middle of the festivities.  It could have been worse.

I would have preferred the anime fan Yevgenia winning the women's individual figure skating gold, but I have to admit Alina Zagitova was more than deserving herself.  She did a quintuple triple just warming up on the ice, a feat I never imagined possible, not even Yuzuru Hanyu has done that.

America snuck up the medal chart at the very end and we ended up turning in a decent performance.  They should check the Norwegian team for doping because they sure won a lot more medals than their population would imply they should be winning.  I guess that's just Aryan supremacy for you.

I gave up on Legends of Tomorrow, so I'm officially done with all the DC TV shows.  Jessica Jones Season 2 is coming out in a couple weeks so I've got all the superhero tv I need.

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