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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Manga Updates:

Mujaki no Rakuen has resumed as promised.  This time it's called 'Mujaki no Rakuen Parallel.'

In addition, the remainder of the Nichijou manga is available for purchase at amazon.  Only the 2nd half of the final volume, volume 10, isn't available scanlated, so it might be worthwhile to just purchase the book for the few remaining chapters and be done with it.

Non Non Biyori is also translated and available at Amazon, but the anime of this series is still ongoing so there's no need to be rash and throw money away on it.

Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card hen is being sold commercially at Amazon.  Despite how much I hate the filler in the anime, it's still not reasonable to buy the manga version.  I can just watch it for free and grit my teeth.  I did drop Card Captor Sakura's anime down to 184th in my rankings, though.  This is a catch-22 where I'm not happy reading the manga or watching the anime, it's a bad option either way, but I'm going with the anime.

Sailor Moon's original anime barely has any correspondence with the source work, and Crystal is taking forever to come out, but that's still not a good reason to give up and read the manga.  Crystal will eventually come out, and then reading the manga will have been a waste of time.  Unless you're diagnosed with a fatal cancer it doesn't make sense to read the manga, but it sure is annoying how long we've been waiting for a filler-free anime version.

My anime wishlist is already wishing for a remake of Card Captor Sakura without any filler before the current season of Card Captor is even done.  Every high ranking light novel and manga series in my value added hall of fames is on that anime wishlist.  If there's a lot of value left in a series that anime hasn't gotten to, that's pretty much synonymous with a good reason for that remaining value to receive a new anime adaption.

There are some exceptions though, and that's when the art of the manga is such that no anime can do it justice.  This is true of ecchi manga that anime always ends up having to censor, like Mujaki no Rakuen, Futari Ecchi, Kodomo no Jikan and To Love-ru, but it's also true of Berserk, which no animator can do justice even if they were willing to show all the naughty and gory parts (which they aren't, Berserk also suffers from censorship issues. . .)

From #55 on downwards in my value added manga rankings, I no longer wish for an anime adaption, because I have more important priorities.  I only get 100 anime wishes for my wishlist, and a remake of Slow Step just isn't valuable enough to be worth grousing over.  There is one exception to this, though.  #60 Sakura Trick in my manga rankings is on my anime wishlist as needing an additional season.  This is because the anime could adapt the whole series, while the scanlation isn't as far along, so the value added of reading the manga isn't that high, but the value added of a new anime season would be very high.

For my good books light novel section, the cutoff is #22.  No Game no Life and everything above is also desired as a new anime adaption, but starting with #23 Gate and below it's no longer an important priority for me to see a new season animated, because it's just not that good and animators could put their skills to use in many more productive ways.

I took Q and A and Tenjou Tenge back out of my manga rankings, because I'm nowhere close to a round number of 100 series so their purpose as placeholders to round out my rankings no longer exists.

I also gave up on my Anime voices + rankings permapost because it was too much of a bother to keep up to date and was redundant due to my Anime Rankings and Anime Voices permaposts anyway.  One less thing to worry about.

P.S.:  On second thought, I decided to cut Card Captor Sakura from my value added manga rankings and just rely on the quality of the anime.  Since the entire series is animated there's no point reading the manga, even though there's a lot of filler.  With that in mind, I also dropped the remake from my anime wishlist, and added a new season of Locodol in its stead.

Also, this April Yen Press will be releasing a translated volume of Kiniro Mosaic that goes beyond what the anime covers, volume 6.  That might be worth picking up.

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