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Monday, February 5, 2018

February is Just Getting Started:

Congratulations to the Eagles on their first ever Super Bowl victory.  It was a thrilling game full of great plays on both sides.  It went all the way down to the final play's hail mary.  You couldn't ask for a better Super Bowl, except that every Super Bowl recently has been a thriller -- Patriots vs. Seahawks, Patriots vs. Falcons, and now Patriots vs. Eagles, it never changes, the result is always spectacular.

The football season is over, but February is just getting started.  The Olympics begins, due to the time difference between South Korea and the USA, at 7pm February 8th.  We dive right into the best part, the team figure skating competition.

A lot of Olympic medal events seem pretty fishy.  What is the difference between 'pursuit' and 'sprint' cross country races?  Why are there separate medals for this nonsense?  In the end it's the same test of who can go a long distance skiing fastest, right, so why all the different names?

But I'm confident that at least one interesting competition will be ongoing every day during the Olympics.  If it isn't figure skating, it will be snowboarding or freestyle skiing, speed skating or alpine skiing, ski jumping or bobsled.  It's also fun to learn the stories of the athletes, cheer along with the medal race, and take in the sights and sounds of South Korea.  This is a country that's now basically as rich as Japan, and at 75 million people is almost as populous as Japan too.  It's a pretty vital cog wheel in the world, so it's fun to learn more about it, to 'check in,' as it were.

The events, the fanfare, the athletes, the medals, and the tour of the host country all work together to make the Olympics a premier worldwide spectacle.  It's for moments like these it's good to be alive.

The Olympics proceeds basically throughout the month.  If that weren't enough, Dynasty Warriors 9 comes out on the 13th.  (though I don't know when my particular copy will actually arrive in the mail. . .)

Fate/Last Encore is okay.  Hugto Precure had a promising beginning.  I already like it better than Kira Kira and maybe Mahoutsukai as well.  It would be nice if a modern Pretty Cure series were actually good like in the old days, but I would be content for just a watchable season at this point.

The winter anime season is now in full swing.  My two new great anime, Ryuuou no Oshigoto! and Death March, are both doing splendidly and every episode has been a treat.  Rokka no Yuusha volume 4 hasn't been as good as the first three, but it's still good.  After Rokka no Yuusha there's also Gate light novels to look forward to.  Can the month of February get any better?

March has March Madness so it's not like this train is slowing down any time soon, either. . .

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