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Monday, January 29, 2018

Rokka no Yuusha Rewatched:

As proof that a series is great, I rewatch it within two years of its first airing, so long as it has a bd release.  Rokka no Yuusha came out in 2015 and had a blu-ray release, but I didn't realize it was great until a couple days ago.  That meant I had to quickly rewatch it because the rewatch was already overdue.  Well, it didn't take long.  Such an excellent and riveting series can be marathoned no problem.  Now I'm back up to date.

The fact that I could rewatch the entire series in just two days is just yet more evidence that it deserved a spot in my rankings.  Now I just wish I could see more of it, or even read more of it if I have to.  I want to know what happens next!

Next up is High School Fleet.  There's no rush for this series, since it last aired in 2017, but I have it in blu-ray so I may as well get on it.

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