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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Good Music 12.0:

My new good music update is complete.

I ended up adding 108 new Motoi Sakuraba songs to my hall of fame, 42 from newly downloaded Star Ocean.  The rest came from the variety of other franchises Motoi has worked on over the years.  As he's only 52 years old, I fear we'll be seeing a lot more of him from here on as well.  Already with 877 songs out of 4470 (20% of my entire music hall of fame), how much more glory does he seek?

This with a rigorous process that rejected seven songs for every one I accepted.  It just wasn't enough, there was still so much good music left to include.  I can't argue with genius.

Next up, we're waiting on the soundtrack of Valkyria Chronicles 4 to come out in March.  My goal was always to breach the 10 days of original music barrier, so it's nice to see that landmark finally surpassed.  But there's no reason why I can't just keep expanding the length indefinitely -- if the music is good it's good.

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