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Friday, January 12, 2018

Death March is #194:

The newest inclusion to my top anime rankings hall of fame is Death March.  There's only been one episode so far but I'm confident it will continue to be grand far into the future.  I also replaced the author of Seitokai no Ichizon, Sekina Aoi, with the author of Death March, Hiro Ainana, in my good books hall of fame.  Now I'm obligated to read all the Death March I can, instead of all the Seitokai no Ichizon I can, which is a welcome change.  But there's no point reading any Death March until the anime ends, and even then, it may be wiser to read further with the manga.  Well, whatever works.

The remaining new series will come out in the next couple days, and then my first impressions post can be completed.  One new great series for an entire season is pretty bad, and below the pace I need if I'm to reach 200 by the end of the year.  Hopefully Beatless steps up to the plate.  If not, though, Death March will be the season's only saving grace.

I'm halfway through Red Wheel 3.  I wonder when book 4 will be translated?  I hate just leaving off at yet another cliffhanger after having already waited a decade for this translation.

I finished the first book of Parchment and Wolf.  It's charming in the boring sort of way I'm used to when it comes to Spice and Wolf.  A lot is written but very little ever happens.  Now it seems I need to go back and read volume 18 of Spice and Wolf, though, which precedes Parchment.  I can tackle that once I'm done with Solzenitsyn.

After that there's still a bunch of O.S. Card books and Hataraku Maou-sama!'s latest volume.  And after that there's yet more books to read.  But I doubt any of them will be as momentous, interesting, or difficult as the tomes by Solzenitsyn.  It's fun to actually be learning something important again.

In 200 Years Together, I learned that the Jews of the Russian Empire seamlessly transitioned from being parasites (liquor salesmen, merchants who bought low and sold high, usurers, tax farmers, etc) to tyrants (Cheka members, terrorists, assassins, Bolsheviks, propagandists, bureaucrats, high ranking Soviet parliamentarians, etc), without ever once being a positive influence or contributing anything worthwhile to the country.  Eventually, like the ingrates they were, after having totally destroyed the USSR, they picked up camp and left for Israel, like a locust horde that had literally eaten up all the grain and left all the Ukrainians to starve.  Just like in America, Jews for some weird reason controlled all the media in Russia.  And just like in America, Jews for some reason were always pushing the public leftward, ever leftward, unrelentingly leftward.  The Tsar was powerless to stop them because like usual the dumb gentiles thought freedom of speech was a good idea.  Nikolai II was so liberal and kind and trusting towards his enemies, and all it earned him was a grave.  He and his whole family including all his children were executed, of course with Jewish involvement there too.  It's just so sickening how country after country is eaten out from within by this natural born race of traitors.

And at the critical moment, when Bolshevism still could have been stopped, during the White vs. Red civil war of 1918, America and the rest of the West supported the Reds.  Why?  Because America had a powerful Jewish lobby and it preferred the pro-Jewish Reds over the anti-semitic Whites (who only became anti-semitic due to the Jews siding with the Reds in the first place. . .).  So you see, there's no such thing as good Jews and bad Jews.  No matter how depraved and evil a Jew might be, murdering millions of innocent people out of sheer sadistic glee, the rest of Jewish-kind will back them to the hilt and clamor in his defense, saying it's anti-semitism, the worst evil in the world, to say anything critical about the mass murderer or act in any way against the mass murderer's interests.

This is precisely why it's so useless talking about the good blacks and the bad blacks, or the good gays and the bad gays.  The good blacks still stand up for, defend, sanction and support the bad blacks.  The good gays still support the bad gays.  The good Muslims still support the bad Muslims.  And so on.  They all demand, "all of us or none of us!"  And so "none of you" is always the only appropriate response.  They are all tribal and driven solely by tribal loyalty, never by universal morality, truth, or justice.

In the Red Wheel, we learn that the government lacked the conviction to ever do anything in its own self defense.  Rioters were left to riot, mutineers were left to mutiny, and no one was willing to enforce the law.  Apparently the only loyal people in the whole damn country who had any interest in upholding the Tsar's authority were fighting the Germans on the front lines, so not a single loyal regiment or detachment could be spared to defend the capital or the Tsar's own person.  It's all so thick headed and bungling.  The Tsar ordered the riots to be put down, but at the same time ordered that no one shoot the rioters.  Well then, how were they to be put down?  Someone thought of using water cannons, but it was objected that it would only 'inflame passions' so the idea was shelved.  We can't go inflaming the passions of traitors hell bent on a coup, now could we, then things could get really messy.

The parliament was too busy condemning the government and demanding it resign to bother with actually running the country.  Instead of alleviating the nation's problems, they believed 'the worse the better!' and did everything they could to muck things up yet further for the Tsar.  An entire parliament of traitors, spending all day every day calling for the overturning of their own government by 'spontaneous action,' ie, force of arms.  And they were allowed to just go on talking!  Because they had 'parliamentary immunity.'  By God, this mindlessly beneficent Tsar!  What kind of dictator tries to rule like this?

This is in a country which is 70+% peasantry, who almost wholly supported the Tsar.  They didn't want any revolutionary changes, they thought autocracy and Russian Orthodoxy were just fine, and were dying by the millions at the front, making enormous economic sacrifices from the rear, to see that their nation continued in that vein.  But because a small minority of the country lived near the centers of power, in the city, somehow the will of the people as a whole no longer matters, and these city folk get to decide all.  The gall!  It's like Washington D.C. launching a coup and announcing that from here on Hillary will be president, because Washington D.C. voted 93% for Hillary.  The capital of a country doesn't get to decide who rules, that's up to the whole country.  Where do they get off?

Why didn't the whole military just turn around from fighting the Germans and descend upon the treacherous rear with fire and fury, slaughtering them all?  If only they had, the 100 million victims of communism would still be walking around today.  But nope, they somehow thought that the Germans were the larger threat and it didn't really matter who ruled in the rear.  Never has so much evil been countered by so much stupidity.  This calamity led directly to World War 2, Mao, Pol Pot, and the entire history of the world ever since that fateful day.  And it could have been prevented so incredibly easily.  Just like how the entirety of World War 1 could have been easily avoided, but no, human stupidity knows no bounds!  Every possible wrong fork in the road was taken, until here we are.

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