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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Citrus Dropped:

Even Ayana Taketatsu's wonderful voice acting can't save this series.  It's just a strictly inferior version of Maria-sama ga Miteru with more smut (which does nothing to improve the series and a lot to cheapen the feelings involved.)  It had an interesting setup, about galu culture colliding with an uptight school environment, but now all that's gone, to be replaced with just mind-numbing teenage sex drama.  Sluts aren't interesting, so a show about them won't be interesting either.

Meanwhile, I cut some more remixes from my music hall of fame, which is now back to 4466 songs.  A good thing I added all that Motoi music or I'd be suffering from shortages right about now.  I should have known 'empire in ruins' and 'niflheim empire' were the same songs just remixed, it even says so in the title.  Sigh.  When will the last remix truly be rooted out?

Fate/Last Encore will be taking Citrus' place so the total amount of anime watched per week won't actually go down.  Yay for winter latecomers!

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