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Friday, December 22, 2017

Imouto Paradise 2 Available:

It's December 22nd and we all know what that means -- it's the release date of Imouto Paradise 2!  You can buy it at manga gamer, or go through the long and convoluted process of pirating it at Eroge Download, but either way it's another long awaited treasure headed our way.

On top of that, a full translation of Solzynetsin's 200 Years Together is now available at amazon, just $10 for the kindle edition.  It's called 'the crucifixion of Russia.'  I bought it immediately and have started reading it with intense intellectual curiosity.  If anyone can unravel how much Jews are to blame for everything in this world, it would be a moral sage like Solzenitsyn.

200 Years Together came out decades ago but a conspiracy of silence has kept it shrouded in the original Russian so that no one else could learn from it all this time.  But you can't stop the signal.  Perhaps you can delay it a few decades, but truth will out.  Now the whole world can learn about Russia's Jews from Russia's greatest thinker directly.

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