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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Youkosou Jitsuryuku blah blah dropped:

All this series does is take daily life, studying and going to class and passing tests, and hypes it up to eleven like it's something incredibly dangerous and fraught with all sorts of crazy strategies and tactics.  It's just school, people.  Take a chill pill.  And school is extremely boring, so when you make that the focus of your story, I guarantee you it will suck.  Baka to Test is about the limit to how cool school can get, and it had very little to do with school.  The fact that there's a guy just beating up girls and no one cares, the law, the school authorities, nobody.  'Oh well, this is just part of life.'  Is another reason to drop the show which would have been sufficient all on its own.

The summer season is down to 17 shows.

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