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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Youjo Senki Available in Blu-ray:

The entirety of Youjo Senki has come out in 1080p blu-ray all at once.  From nothing to everything.  Grab it while it's still seeded.  Having aired just a few months ago, there's no need to rewatch it now, but it will definitely come in handy someday.

Meanwhile, it turns out Fairy Tail Blue Mistral volume 4 has not been translated into English.  Who knows if it ever will be.  *sigh*  Volume 3 was really good.  It wasn't like Fairy Tail to rely on so much stealth instead of direct action, but it lived up to the Fairy Tail name in terms of quality.

Fairy Girls is worse, but it's still good.  And at least it's fully translated.  After finishing the three volumes available for purchase, I'm all caught up on translated Fairy Tail again.  That still leaves two volumes of untranslated Fairy Tail floating out there.  Which means even after the Fairy Tail manga ends this week, it doesn't really mark the ending.  The ending will be when we finally get to read all the remaining spinoff chapters, which could be decades from now or never.

Well, the important thing is to do everything you can, after that it can't be helped.

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