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Friday, July 21, 2017

Shoukoku no Altair Dropped:

This show never had much potential, but all hope went down the drain when the protagonist gave in to a hostage taking.  Anyone who can be blackmailed, anyone who stands down when a hostage is taken, isn't worth my time.  I have zero interest in a 'hero' who fails this most basic of morality tests.  If you give in to terror, it just encourages more terror, and the terrorists win.  Only by making sure terror doesn't pay do you defeat terrorist tactics, and the only way to do that is to willingly sacrifice anything they threaten and just hit them back twice as hard in response.

Though Mahmut himself found his way clear of the hostage scenario by relying on a flock of hawks to free the hostages, that still doesn't excuse him, because he sanctioned and endorsed the actions of his friend who really did just totally surrender and give way to a hostage crisis.  Since he applauded his friend for doing the right thing by surrendering to blackmail, he may as well have done it himself, and therefore he's just as worthless as the guy he condoned.

This is like statecraft 101.  Morality 101.  Philosophy 101.  No adult should still be telling any stories where heroes give in to blackmail or hostage taking.  This is never acceptable, it's stupendously stupid, it's pathetic, and it's a trope that's been overused so many times in so many shows it makes me vomit every time it appears again.  How?  Why are we still addressing this issue in stories even though the answer has been found ages ago, and it's completely uninteresting to ever see the question come up again?

Made in Abyss is also teetering on the brink, but I figure I can give it one more ep and see how it goes.  For now, the summer season is down to 16 shows.

Fairy Tail's long awaited final chapter has been released.  But Fairy Tail doesn't end here.  The movie, Dragon Cry, still hasn't been released to the outside world via its blu-ray.  The tv anime 'final season' only begins in 2018, and who knows how long it will last.  Finally, there's still a volume of Raigo Issen and Blue Mistral that haven't been translated yet.

There might be some specials or spinoffs or something in the future, too, you never know.  The point is, Fairy Tail isn't over.  It's just getting started.  I'm all fired up!

And even when all the Fairy Tail material is gone, it will live on in my heart forever, as the best story ever told, or if someday someone surpasses it, like Pretty Cure or One Piece or Sword Art Online or whoever, as one of the best stories ever told.  It's practically guaranteed a top ten slot no matter what happens from here on.

I'm fine with Natsu not having romantic feelings for Lucy -- yet.  Who knows what will happen over time?  Their adventures together have just begun, after all.  In a lot of ways, Natsu is still a kid, so just let him enjoy himself for now.  He's certainly earned it, after all the grief he's been through.  When he wants to settle down she'll be there.  Or Lisanna will be there.  ;).  Or Wendy.  ;).

The point is Natsu hasn't shown much attraction to women throughout the manga, so it would be weird if he suddenly turned on a dime and went all mushy for anyone.  That would take some actual development, and if Mashima doesn't feel the interest or ability to make that development believable, it's better to just let Natsu be Natsu and leave it at that.  I consider the final chapter of Fairy Tail to be flawless, just like the rest of the manga.  I wish he'd let people die in the series, but I guess that just goes against the happy-go-lucky mood he was shooting for, so, oh well.  Not every series has to be Akame ga Kill!

My hall of fame music has already narrowed down to 4060.  Progress!

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