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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Naruto: Scarlet Spring Gaiden anime Green-lit:

Bolt's next arc is the Scarlet Spring gaiden, the final chapters of the story written by Kishimoto.  With this, the entire manga has been adequately adapted.  It marks a real milestone for the Naruto anime, which is lacking in all sorts of frustrating ways.  At least one of the charges leveled against it, that it hasn't actually covered the manga yet, can be put away.

As a result, the next time I update my rankings, Naruto will have to go up yet again.  How long before it's right back at the #1 slot again? >.<

From what I've played so far, Noeri is the best girl in Dal Segno.  It's been a great game so far, the numbers mechanic is strangely gripping and awesome despite being so simple and small a detail.  D.S. makes a lot of references to D.C., so I'm including it as part of the same franchise even though it isn't precisely the same franchise.

I've begun stratifying my visual novel music collection into proper tiers, now that girl rock is finished.  This should go faster.  After visual novels the only collection left is Boy Rock.  That's going to take a while.

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