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Monday, July 24, 2017

Kana Asumi:

Kana Asumi is the latest seiyuu to reach my anime voices hall of fame.  She's a famous voice actress who has been doing this for a long time, with a lot of great roles under her belt.  The roles that really stand out are Popura from Working! and Komari from Non Non Biyori, where she uses a very high, chipper, cute voice that's irresistibly moe.  But that's actually not her only voice.  She plays many other roles with low, serious voices, like the villain Roka Numachi in Hanamonogatari, or the 'mature-big-sister-type' Kaoru Hanawa from Tamayura.

As Chihiro Kosaka in The World God Only Knows, she plays as a normal high school girl you could meet anywhere.  Her very ability to not stand out takes talent in this case.

Even so, I think everyone likes Kana best when she's playing a high voiced cutie.  Preferably a very short one.

This is the 77th female seiyuu inducted into my hall of fame, and 121st overall.  Mezasete, 200!

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