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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Blue Mistral, Fairy Girls Translated:

I was getting really annoyed that Fairy Tail was ending next week and we still haven't gotten the spinoff manga series translated yet.  So after some investigating, lo and behold, Blue Mistral and Fairy Girls were available in English at

That leaves just Raigo Issen.  But then again, who really cares about Laxus?  So long as I have my Wendy series covered it's all good.

I love Fairy Tail, so I don't mind throwing some cash Hiro Mashima's way.  In order to finish off reading my favorite series of all time, the #1 best story ever told, a little sacrifice is worth it.

The three additional volumes included 15 never before seen chapters, bringing the series length up to 676.  The final chapter of the mainline series will get it to 677.  Maybe someday the remainder of Raigo Issen will be translated, but even if it does, it won't be enough to reach 685.

Which means Fairy Tail is going to end up being shorter than One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, sadly.  But at least it beats everybody else.

Meanwhile, I finished listening through my Star Classical playlist.  It ended up being 177 songs long.  Then I downloaded six iconic One Piece themes I felt really should be in my 10 star anime list, just like many iconic Naruto themes are.  I'm not talking about the openings and endings, but just some of the lovely background music songs.  If Eva and Lodoss War get to have background music in the top tier, so should One Piece.

With that done, I'm turning my attention back to my video game music list.  Rather than five tiers I just need to find out who's worthy for top tier status and who isn't, like I've done with all my other genres.

Boy Rock will just have to wait.

Meanwhile, I dropped Welcome to the Ballroom after watching ep 2.  It's all the same shonen tropes we've seen before, except this time with ballroom dancing, which is about the last thing on Earth I'm interested in.  For people who like ballroom dancing, go right ahead and watch.  This just isn't the show for me.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones season 7 starts today, though I'm sure everybody knows that.  I've been ready for a while now -- I've watched and rewatched the whole series as well as reading the original books and am burning to find out what happens next.  Game of Thrones is the best non-sports live action show ever made, but I'm sure everyone already knows that too.  Like Fairy Tail, this long-running series is about to end.  In just one year yet another phenom will draw down the curtains.  Ever since Naruto's ending it's just been an era of epic finishes, from one series to the next.  Soon enough there won't be anything left, and we can all contentedly creep into our graves.

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