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Sunday, June 4, 2017

What's Next?:

With my old goals met, what's next?  Actually a lot:

1.  Rewatch all the great anime I haven't rewatched yet, according to the schedule already set out.

2.  Read all the good light novels I haven't read yet, according to when they're translated.

3.  Fill in the nine missing slots in my great anime rankings once nine new great anime appear.

4.  Fill in the last remaining slot in my good manga rankings once one more good manga appears.

5.  Play all the visual novels I've always wanted to play, according to when they're translated.

6.  Watch all the new great anime, movies and tv shows as they become available.

7.  Play with all my Magic decks until all their relative worths have been made clear.

8.  Finish Mill on the Floss and then Silas Marner, and then I guess Jo's Boys.

9.  Play any new video games that look promising.

10.  Finish FF IV Complete Collection by defeating Interlude and After Years.

11.  Finalize my video game music playlist, and eventually likewise improve all my other playlists.

12.  Finish Muv-Luv Extra + Unlimited, and presumably Alternative when it comes out.

13.  Read Suka Suka's already translated novels once the anime ends.

14.  Read to the ending of all the remaining good manga series as soon as they're available.

15.  Read A Song of Ice and Fire and Xanth books as they become available.

16.  Vote for Trump in 2020.

These are all things I can actually do, without relying on others.  If I could rely on others, I would join a Nazi commune (preferably offshore and thus sovereign) and raise a Nazi family who would eventually inherit the Nazi galaxy using the proceeds of my super popular Nazi book sales , but the vast majority of people are evil, so I don't rely on other people anymore.  This is the row I've been given, so this is the row I'll hoe to the best of my ability.

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