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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Three Philosophies:

Liberals:  Judge white cishet males as a collective.  Don't judge anyone else for any reason, as they lack moral agency, as everything they do is just an involuntary reaction to the evil oppression of white cishet males.

Conservatives:  Judge everyone as individuals, collectives are just phantoms of a deluded mind, patterns can never be drawn about any group because groups don't even exist.

Nazis:  Judge individuals within the collective by how much they contribute to the collective.  Judge everyone outside the collective as enemies.

Liberalism in its purest form has only existed since the 1990's or so.  In that short time it has already managed to seed the destruction of everywhere it has taken root within the next century.  The worst philosophy of all time, making even communism look like fun and bunnies.

Liberalism is doomed to failure because it doesn't allow productive people who merit productive positions to be productive.  It doesn't allow families to produce children, corporations to produce wealth, or borders to produce security.  It is headed for failure in so many ways it's not even funny.  Even if you removed five existential threats from the repertoire of liberalism's demands, liberalism would still completely eradicate your nation.  (For example - Even if liberals dropped environmentalism, feminism, LGBT, open borders and the need to avoid disproportionate impacts they'd still ruin the world via overtaxation/hyperinflation, the lies they tell in the media and schools, the sexual revolution, wars with other nuclear superpowers, etc, etc, etc.)

Conservatism has never been tried because it's so farcically anti-reality that no one can get energized and passionate enough to ever coalesce as a coalition around it.  The idea that individuals are not the products of their genes and environments, both of which are created by the collectives around them, but each individually of their own free will can become anything or anyone they want, and therefore should all be treated equally until such a time as they've made morally responsible or repugnant decisions, after which time we can fairly judge each and every one of them as special snowflakes in their own right, is so anti-history, anti-science, anti-all-observable-reality, that only liars and fools believe these bromides.  It is just a convenient excuse whites latch on to in order to not have to be liberals while simultaneously not being accused of racism -- no one genuinely believes this crap.

Nazism was tried from 10,000 B.C. until 1945 A.D.  At the time it was just labeled 'common sense' and didn't even need a name, just like fish didn't need a name for the water they swam in.  It got us from the stone age to the rocket, computer, and nuclear fission, an unbroken chain of endless generations of man all surviving, reproducing, prospering and growing, but then again what the hell do we know about running a country?  We're just a bunch of fucking white males.

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