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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ojamajo # 32-33 Released:

As I was saying, so long as an HD release is making progress, it's counterproductive to rewatch the non-HD release.  It just means sabotaging a greater joy you could have had in the future with the better product.

Today, episodes 32 and 33 of Ojamajo # HD were released by Doremi Fansubs.  Which means we're one step closer to having the full series available in HD for rewatching purposes.  At the current rate of progress, which is about one episode a month, with 16 episodes left to sub, I'll be rewatching Ojamajo in a year and a half.  It's not my fault this project is taking so long, take it up with Doremi, but so long as they're making progress I may as well keep waiting.

Meanwhile, today we learned that Carrie Fischer was on four different drugs when she died -- heroin, ecstasy, methadone and cocaine.  This is someone who was handed one of the premier spots in the whole world.  A daughter of privilege, the daughter of a world famous actress, who quickly was given her own chance to act as a teenager, becoming one of the most famous, beloved, and iconic characters in fiction -- Princess Leia.  The amount of money she made from this role is more than enough to pay her way through all life.

Which means she had everything -- riches, fame, glory, the adulation of millions of fans.  And despite having it all, she turned her back on all real happiness that so many people spend their whole lives striving for and chose the artificial high of drugs instead.  People would trade their souls to have just 1/10 of the good fortune experienced by Carrie Fischer, but she traded her soul and all of that good fortune for nothing.

And to make her sin all the more unforgivable, she chose to kill herself via overdosing on drugs at the very moment people were most depending on her, at the very moment her career was at its most productive, during the filming of the new Star Wars trilogy.  She was to be a major character in Episode IX and a lynchpin of the story Disney was trying to tell.  Billions of people all over the world were lining up to see how this story played out, and they were all hoping Carrie Fischer would deliver for them.  She let all those people down.  All the fans, all her coworkers who were relying on her to do her part so that they could do their parts, and all the money that was invested into this revival of Star Wars, and she couldn't stop taking drugs for just one year to get her job done.  No, she just had to be high on heroin, cocaine, and god knows what every living second of every day of her life, fuck everyone else.

This was a girl who was so attractive she seduced Harrison Ford on the set of the original trilogy and forced him into adultery and divorce from his wife.  She had it all.  She was the complete package.  And what did she do with it all?  She pissed it all away and went to an early grave, for a chemical rush any rodent can get in experiments in cages where all they do is press levers until they die.

I'm the biggest fan of Star Wars in the world, and her portrayal of Leia is a big part of that.  I'll always love that Leia, but the twisted monstrosity she became afterwards is all the more vile the more radiant her original self showed itself to be.  It's almost as if the new trilogy was made expressly in order to try and recall Carrie Fischer to her former self and be good again, a chance at redemption by doing something truly useful and good again in the world, and God just gave it all to her on a silver platter, and she threw the table over and said, nope, still not good enough, I'd rather just die a sick fat brain dead zombie.

It's hard to think of anyone who has more spit into God's eye than Carrie Fischer.  I hope she's burning in hell now and thinking over her mistakes with regret.

Meanwhile, with my video game music playlist finalized (until Xenoblade X 2 comes out with the masterful Yasunori Mitsuda's soundtrack), I've had the time to start improving my other music playlists instead.  The first order of business was putting all visual novel based music from an anime into the visual novel music playlist, to be symmetrical to my decision that all video game based anime music should be in the video game music list.

So much good anime music is based off of Key that by splitting the lists into two they became almost equal in size as each other.  It's rather frightening to see how reliant anime music is on preceding visual novels.  If the eroge industry didn't exist, anime would be nothing and nowhere.  (Okay, a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.)

After that, I downloaded all the most recent good music from this anime season -- Kira Kira Precure's opening and ending, the opening to Bolt, Suka Suka, Eromanga Sensei, and Re:Creators, and the opening and ending of Granblue Fantasy the Animation.  Granblue went to the video game music list, while the others all went to the anime music list.

Then I started work on my Girl Rock list.  First I had to clear out all the copies and remixes (a familiar refrain) that had popped up like weeds seemingly outside my own control.  Now I'm on the second stage of editing -- listening to all the songs once and deciding whether they are worth keeping for a more select playlist and hearing again.  Most of the songs are easily clearing this hurdle, but once I'm done with this, there will be a much tougher selection involving only the best for an even more exclusive playlist, just like with my video game music playlists that range from 1 star all the way up to 5 stars.

My anime, visual novel and Girl Rock music lists will keep me occupied for many months to come.  Just as I said in my 'What's Next?' post, I hope to organize them just as well as I did my video game music.

I'm already 1/4 of the way through Silas Marner, which I'm reading while listening to my various songs.  It's not very good, but it's George Eliot so I'm duty bound to follow through and finish what I've started and endorsed to others by having her on my hall of fame authors list.

A lot of epics are ending soon.  From Hayate no Gotoku to Fairy Tail to Game of Thrones.  Bleach didn't end, it was cancelled, but nonetheless it was a very long series that is no longer with us anymore.  If we live just a few more years, it feels like we'll last long enough to see every major story on Earth wrapped up satisfactorily, unlike Carrie Fischer.  So for God's sake, people, take care of your health.  You don't want to miss this many spectacular endings all lined up for us like a parade of heroes.

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