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Friday, June 16, 2017

Men's Liberation:

A lot of the alt-right thinks we should reverse the women's liberation movement.  I disagree.  I think women are human beings and therefore should be allowed to maximize their potential sapience/sentience by working in the fields of their choice and doing what they want to do with their lives.

If I were a woman, I wouldn't want to be chained down to boring, desultory duties with no intellectual payoff or stimulation.  That would be hell.  With most chores having been automated and the world already being overpopulated, I don't see much point in women staying at home or having kids.  It's no wonder they find much more excitement and sense of purpose in the workforce.

At the same time, I completely understand the alt-right's complaints with women.  99% of all men's misery can be traced back to women.  The pain of not having a woman, or of having one but fearing she'll abandon you, or of having one but wishing she'd abandon you because she's such an awful nag, is pretty much the story of every man's life.

Even if you create a zen-like emotional barrier that women cannot penetrate, women will still be the cause of virtually all the suffering in your life.  And by the way, this zen-like barrier is very hard because it goes against all male instincts to fall deeply and madly in love with women whenever they're the least bit affectionate.  It's really asking too much from men already to demand they achieve this mental state of enlightenment, even though that's just the starting point.

But let's presuppose that you have achieved enlightenment and therefore no longer need to lean on women for emotional or sexual fulfillment.  The pain doesn't stop there.  Because women have a veto on reproduction, they also take away any chance at children from you.  The lack of children means a lack of friendly faces that you can directly influence and thus mold, both genetically and culturally, into your ideal, a perfect replacement for yourself after your death.  It's also a lack of companionship, because children will stay by your side longer than anyone else, and they'll be the most likely to get along swimmingly with you since they're half you to begin with.

Women keep that pleasure to themselves, but refuse to share it with men.  Even though men are equally necessary for reproduction, in the end women get as many kids as they want exclusively to themselves, while men get none.  They have stolen our best solace in life and best reward after death away from us, and no court will restitute our losses.

But in the case of marriage or children, women can claim that their happiness shouldn't be shackled down to serve our own, and in both cases for a man to be happy he must impinge on a woman.  Therefore, women's liberation mandates that we must simply give up on both of these hopes and find satisfaction elsewhere.

Unfortunately women won't even allow us happiness when we ask absolutely nothing from them.

They have voted in a system that systematically destroys men.  From the education system (taught by women), to the jobs market (policed by women HR with endless bullshit laws preventing a meritocracy from emerging voted for by women), to the tax code (which takes money from men and gives it to women), to child support (which women get even after they divorce you and take your kids away).

The worst of it all is property taxes.  2/3 of property taxes go to funding public education, ie, all of your money goes to educating some other woman's kids at your expense, despite the fact that you've already been denied any chance at kids yourself, so you're just being sucked dry of all your money with absolutely nothing in return.

Then there's payroll taxes.  You pay all this money into social security and medicare, but only women ever draw anything out of it.  You, as a man, are unlikely to live long enough to receive any of it, or if you do, you won't receive nearly as much as you paid in.  Meanwhile women are happily living into their 90's sucking up huge medical bills and giant annual pensions forever.  This is a public pool, so your payroll taxes are ultimately being taken by random women you don't know who are throwing all sorts of fun parties with it over your grave.

Meanwhile, the victims of crime are almost always men.  So when women vote to import a disproportionately criminal population into our midst, it's we men who have to suffer from their 'enrichment,' despite the fact that we never wanted them to be here in the first place.  It's also us men who have to fight the terrorists women invited in to the country on the front lines and in faraway places all over the globe.

The drugs are sold by third world men who wouldn't be here if not for women.  They sell drugs that also wouldn't be here if men were allowed to properly defend the borders because virtually all drugs come from abroad, but women have also banned that.  The vast majority of drug overdose deaths are men.  We try to defend ourselves and the women just ban it all.

If not for all the quality of life losses created by third world mass immigration and the super-high taxes voted in by women that specifically target men for the sake of benefits programs that go almost exclusively to women, men could live such a cheap, easy life.  You could work a couple hours a week and make all the money you need.  Women have multiplied that to virtually every waking hour just to stay afloat.  They've virtually enslaved us.  It didn't have to be this way.  All the costs of modern life are artificial, caused by government decisions, decisions made by democrats, voted in by women.

Add in the fact that if you somehow offend a woman in any way, she can sue you in court, throw you in jail on the basis of false charges, or get you kicked out of college or lose your career without even a trial.  They take any woman at her word and you're doomed before any justice process even begins.  It's like living in Soviet Russia.  Just look at what happened to Bill O'Reilly.

Women can literally receive billions in divorce settlements and sue you in court because they feel they weren't given enough.  This actually happened.

So here we have our zen-man, who has given up on women, children, his own wages (which all go to taxes for women), any chance at a merit-based position (which are given up to affirmative action women hires), any chance at a good educational experience from age 6 to 25 (because women have turned them into social justice indoctrination camps), any chance at a safe neighborhood (because women have invited in the entire third world), any chance at really anything except sitting at home and playing video games -- and women go after your video games.

They literally lobby to get games banned from being made which don't appeal to women or properly spread the social justice warrior narrative.  This makes the games so un-fun that men can't play them anymore, and this was literally the only thing they had left in life.

So yes, 99% of all male suffering is caused by women.  Men would be living in paradise if women didn't act the way they do, but instead acted in the way men wished women would.

But we can't enslave half the world in order to liberate the other half.  Women's liberation can't be stopped, because women have brains and sitting in a basement all day so that they'll be available for sex and baby making is too stifling for said brains, which want to soar among the clouds just like we do.

It's morally impermissible to reverse women's lib.  What must instead happen is a new, men's liberation movement.

Here are the central pillars of men's liberation, of how we could get out from under women's thumbs and live our own, happy, free lives:

1)  Abolish the education system.  Boys should be home schooled, ideally by other men.

2)  Complete freedom in hiring and firing.  No equal employment lawsuits, segregation perfectly allowed, male-only jobs totally fine, etc.  The same for neighborhood zoning.

3) No alimony, child support, or taxes that go to anything except society-wide benefits (like the citizen's dividend, infrastructure, or the military.)  Stay the fuck out of our pocketbooks.

4) No punishing men for sexual harassment, assault, rape, whatever, unless there is forensic proof that it happened.

5) Get rid of statutory rape laws.  Also any alcohol or drug based impairment bullshit.  Yes means yes.

6) No censorship, men can enjoy whatever private commercial products they want, regardless of what women think they should be enjoying.

7) Men seriously need to pool their minds and resources to invent the artificial womb.  We should no longer allow women a monopoly on reproduction.  We must have our own children who belong exclusively to us, just like all natural-birthed children belong exclusively to women.

8) Sex bots, virtual reality girlfriends, and/or mai waifus must replace our reliance on women for romance.  Screw them, we can find much better girls in our imaginations, and they become increasingly sophisticated waifus with each advancement of AI, to the point that the only way to tell they're not real women is that they're so kind and loving.

9) Stop trusting anything women say.  They're just trying to lie and manipulate you.  Ignore women completely in daily life, don't even talk to them or look at them.

10) If women out-vote us and deny these political changes which only liberate men and do nothing to impinge on women, then take the next step and create an all-male state where women can't out-vote us because they don't even exist.  It's not like women can militarily coerce us into submission to them, it's our own choice to be forever enslaved via a democracy where women outnumber us and thus can outovte us forever.  Women who would be willing to revoke all their rights and do exactly as their husband tells them, backed up by the full power of the state, ie voluntary slaves, I suppose could be allowed to join us in this new state.  But the rest of them will have to fend for themselves from here on.

If men really wanted to, they could forge a new path for themselves which would alleviate 99% of life's discontents.  They wouldn't have to rely on women anymore for anything.  Men's liberation lies entirely within our hands, and is dependent solely on our own will.

If we wanted to be free of all the damage women cause us, we could be.  Which means the fact that we're still allowing women to torture us daily is entirely our own fault.  (Not the individuals who endorse the men's liberation movement but are suppressed by other men who don't endorse it, they're free of blame, but men collectively)

Which means the people we need to be convincing is not women, to stop hurting us, and instead start serving our needs so we can be happy.  That's a lost cause and is morally dubious to begin with.

The people we need to convince is other men, to let our people go.  Since men are willing to respond to appeals to reason rather than just self-interest (which is why women will never think twice before doing what they do), they can clearly see the disbalance that's going on in society, and that justice leans towards us.  If we appeal to them on the grounds of freedom, justice, and fairness, they would eventually see things our way.

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