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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Civil War Now:

A lone gunman tried to take out as much of the Republican House and Senate as he could, but he was not alone in spirit.  Tens of millions of democrats have been encouraging this sort of violence ever since Trump ran for office.  Tens of millions of democrats are secretly applauding this gunman after he actually acted on their directives.

Remember Senator Tim Kaine, the vice presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, whose own son was arrested for rioting, telling democrats that they need to 'fight in the streets.' ?

Remember the endless attacks on conservative spokespeople that democrats never disavowed?

Remember the endless attacks on Trump supporters, Confederate flag fliers, and so on, some of which were lethal, that the democrats never condemned nor disavowed?

Remember the mainstream media arguing it was okay to punch a Nazi? (And a Nazi, according to the left, is anybody to the right of Hillary.)

This is why I called for a Civil War Now, Civil War Now, months ago.  The unchecked violence of the left is not an extremist fringe of the Democratic Party but completely embraced by sitting politicians, billionaires, celebrities, Hollywood, Central Park plays depicting the assassination of Trump favorably, the mainstream media, and on and on and on.  It is more difficult to find a democrat who hasn't supported violence against Republicans than a democrat who has.  This gunman was a perfect representative of their actual public stance and what they say daily, unashamedly, on the air.

They believe Trump is Hitler, and anyone who supports Trump is therefore equally evil, and that therefore all Republicans deserve to die.  They have accused Trump of endless heinous deeds, up to and including treason, all of which any logical person would conclude is deserving of death.  And if Trump deserves death, certainly all the people who support and empower Trump to do all his nefarious deeds also clearly deserve death.  That includes not only the Republican House and Senate, but every single Republican voter in the country.  Democrats routinely justify morally the murder of half the country's population.

Remember Hillary calling half the country deplorable, irredeemable, and un-American?  What should be done about such evil people?  If they're irredeemable, logically, all that can be done is to liquidate them.  And Hillary didn't even take her statement back or apologize.  She said she may have gotten the number wrong, but obviously she still thinks a large portion of Americans should be liquidated.  A half, a third, whatever.  And the press backed her up on her statement.  They said she was being too generous to the Republicans and they were actually way more deplorable than even she thought.  This is the mainstream media.  This is the prevailing opinion on the left.  Not the radical fringe, the actual trend setters.

So here's this hapless gunman, who just extended the logic of what everyone was saying, from President Hillary to Vice President Kaine all the way down, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, from Whedon to Griffen, to everybody he's ever listened to -- all saying Trump and all his followers are evil, evil, evil, and they should die, die, die.  And he takes their word for it and goes out and shoots them.  And now the democrats are going to say 'oh that's awful, we pray for the victims, blah blah.'  But how many of them aren't cheering in their hearts?  How many of them aren't applauding this courageous hero for finally sticking it to these evil enablers?

The truth is it's not Trump who is a traitor to his country, but the entire leftist movement which has tried to undermine the duly elected President from day one and has been fomenting revolutionary violence, seditious uprisings, from before he was even inaugurated.  And the Republicans have just whistled and shrugged and ignored all these warning signs.  Even when Trump's decapitated head oozing blood is shown on tv, we pretend that everything is fine and the democrats are our fellow patriotic Americans and we can all get together and sing kumbayah.

News Flash, Republicans.  They want us dead.  They want us all dead.  And they are physically, literally killing us, and the entire democratic party was behind this spear -- the gunman was just the tip.  Now we can fight back, which would mean Civil War Now, or we can like the Eloi throw flowers at the Morlocks as they kill us one by one, all over the country, just for the crime of being Republicans.  That's not a civil war, sadly, that's just a one-sided surrender.  Which is the status quo of America today.  A status quo Republicans accept, despite controlling the military, the police, all branches of government, and the majority of local gun owners.  The ability to still lose with all that power in our hands is truly amazing.

The term cuck wasn't invented for nothing.

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