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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Yet More Cuts:

I found a slew of additional instrumental remixes of the vocal songs Melodies of Life, Suteki da Ne, and even Mamoritai from Tales.  They all had to go, no matter how good they sounded in abstract, because they're all strictly inferior to the vocal versions.  There was also a Knight of Lodis version of Overture that was strictly inferior to the March of the Black Queen version so it also had to go.

My new video game music total is 3465 songs.

6 star 700 songs:  415 FF,   98 Tales, 187 Other.
5 star 700 songs:  372 FF, 205 Tales, 123 Other.
4 star 700 songs:  198 FF, 467 Tales,   35 Other.
3 star 700 songs:  321 FF, 254 Tales, 125 Other.
2 star 700 songs:  192 FF, 463 Tales,   45 Other.
1 star 145 songs:      0 FF, 145 Tales,     0 Other.

Total:  1498 FF,  1632 Tales, 515 Other.

Tales has a 134 song lead over FF, but since it actually has a 145 song reservoir slated only for Tales songs, it actually has slightly fewer integrated songs in the diverse multifaceted higher ranked lists.  I would call this a victory for Final Fantasy as the best music around.

Hopefully that's all the bunshins of vocal tracks dealt with.  But after all the times I've been burnt before I'll never say never again.

One important note that should be pointed out, even though my 1 star list is still 145 songs long, it's only 2 hours and 13 minutes long if you play it.  The remaining unranked Tales songs are all very short.  I'm getting pretty close to not even needing this reservoir.

Meanwhile, the compiled 51st and 52nd volumes of Hayate no Gotoku are going to feature some omake chapters, so Hayate's manga isn't quite done yet after all.  It will still end before 2018 though.  I'm of course thrilled to have any little bit extra of this perfect series.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, I've now watched all the winter Olympic documentary films available on youtube.  Since I listed these films as must-see in my hall of fame, it's nice to finish watching them myself.  They are very good, must-sees even for people who remember watching the events on television.  The documentaries add some behind the scenes stuff you'd never know about otherwise.  The winter Olympics are only 8 months away now, just around the corner.  They won't have NHL players playing the hockey contests, though, so there's no way Pyeongchang can match Sochi.  Greed apparently conquers patriotism for both hockey and baseball, but patriotism outmatches greed in basketball, where we send our best players every summer Olympics to bring home the gold.  It makes me respect professional basketball way more than hockey and baseball, which is nice since I already prefer basketball anyway.

According to a recent study, 54% of people when polled agree with the Federation for Immigration Reform's statement that western civilization is dependent upon the country staying largely majority actual white people, so long as the people polled are allowed to stay anonymous.  This means we 'Nazis' are the majority of the country, and yet we don't get our way on immigration because everyone is too afraid to insist on getting our way.  We're too ashamed of ourselves and afraid of being called Nazis, despite being the majority, despite everyone around us secretly being our allies.  What a stupid way to lose your country.  If we just stood up and announced we were done giving away our country for nothing, it would end tomorrow, and everyone would sigh in relief, because we're all actually agreed.  But instead we quiver in terror in our homes of being ostracized for bad thoughts, and the country steadily browns.  Brilliant, folks.  That's some real courage you showed, right up there with the heroes of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  After we're done hiding in our homes and insisting we aren't racists, maybe we could storm the beaches of Iwo Jima while we're at it.

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