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Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Top 25 Disney Animated Films:

My movies hall of fame post mentions in passing that there are 26 must-see Disney animated films, but it does not name them all in the interests of brevity.  So let this post serve as a sort of addendum, that does have the time and space to mention them all, while also affording the additional information of which are my favorites among this already select group.

1.  Aladdin
2.  The Little Mermaid
3.  The Lion King
4.  Moana
5.  Zootopia
6.  Frozen
7.  Tangled
8.  Beauty and the Beast
9.  The Incredibles 2
10.  Bambi
11.  Alice in Wonderland
12.  Lady and the Tramp
13.  The Fox and the Hound
14.  Sleeping Beauty
15.  Cinderella
16.  One Hundred and One Dalmatians
17.  Wreck-It Ralph
18.  The Incredibles
19.  Peter Pan
20.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
21.  The Sword in the Stone
22.  Fantasia
23.  The Nightmare Before Christmas
24.  Toy Story 3
25.  Toy Story 1
26.  Toy Story 2

If more good Disney movies come out, rather than expanding this list, I'll just replace the weaker performers out with the new stars.  At least until we reach Snow White.  I feel like it would be rude if a Disney classic were kicked out.


chase davila said...

is the princess and the frog any good i have not seen it

Diamed said...

Sorry, I haven't seen it either. ^^;