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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I Want my Nyaatorrents Back:

There are 435 independent great artistic franchises in the world, but I currently only have access to two.

I finished Grisaia: Phantom Bullet volume 1, and am now working on volume 2.  This spinoff is okay but hardly lives up to the Grisaia name.  Nevertheless, it's Grisaia, so out of respect to the overall franchise I may as well read this too.  In order to play it, though, you have to disconnect from the internet because otherwise the game will be made to crash via anti-piracy safeguards.

And I'm on episode 34 of my Macross 7 rewatch.  Though it started off strong, it's almost unwatchably bad at this point.  Macross is not ranked due to Macross 7, it's just an albatross that weighs the rest of the franchise down, but I have to rewatch it nevertheless, because it's a vital part of what I've labelled as a great anime franchise.

All of the anime torrenting sites have been simultaneously genocided.  Nyaa, Anidex, Tokyo Toshokan, whoever, so at best I have sporadic and partial access to the nine great anime franchises currently airing weekly, and the remaining seven at least mediocre ones.

The movies I want to watch -- Doctor Strange, Logan, Moana, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Serenity and Suicide Squad, are all behind paywalls, and any torrenting site that hosts them is aggressively policed.  Any download site is immediately taken down.  Every streaming site requires registration which entails horrendous safety concerns for your money and/or your computer catching a virus.

This anti-piracy crusade is getting to be a massive inconvenience, and for what purpose?  I can't afford to purchase all this content at the asking price -- Hai to Gensou no Grimgar's blu-ray set, for instance, is $84.  Can you imagine paying that kind of money for every good season of anime?  You'd have to be a millionaire.

Pirates pay what they can afford, and pirate the rest.  Pirates are usually the industry's biggest supporters.  But money doesn't grow on trees, and the prices these people ask is unworldly.  Piracy has coexisted with the purchasing market for decades now, and it has never stopped them from making a profit before, so why are they so anal about it now?  Africa pirates more content than the entire continent's GDP can afford in the above-board market.  Should Africa just be denied any source of entertainment?  And what about poor non-Africans, who pirate for the exact same reason?

The cost to distribute one more digital copy of a completed work of art is zero.  What harm are the pirates doing you?  Especially when anime, Hollywood movies, and all the others are raking in record profits every year?

I don't understand why we haven't established yet a single country where piracy is just straight out legal, where file-sharing websites cannot be taken down, period.  You would think that just one freedom loving, compassionate country would give the whole world the right to entertainment.  To me, entertainment is much more important in life than health care.  Why even live if you aren't entertained?  And yet governments everywhere sponsor free health care for all, but won't even let pirates pursue their own entertainment channels without being shut down.  What is going on here?

In Vinland, piracy will not be a crime.  We will have full access to all the world's wonders, past, present and future, for free and as a basic fundamental human right.  It would be worth it, setting up a new country as a seasteading off the coast in international waters, just for the right to conduct piracy alone.

This anti-piracy jihad is one problem weighing me down, but even without it, prospects would be grim.  Virtually all remaining good art in the world, that I haven't already consumed, hasn't been translated into English.  Solzhenitsyn's Red Wheel series needs to be translated from Russian, and everything else needs to be translated from Japanese.  Like the 27 Da Capo visual novels that haven't been translated yet, or the 31 great manga series lacking an up-to-date English translation, or the 51 non-Da Capo related promising visual novels that also need translating, or the 21 light novel series that lack an up-to-date English translation.

There's even four great anime series that haven't fully received subtitles yet.  Haitai Nanafa was so good, too. . .

Obviously, if I had 21 additional light novel series, 31 additional manga series, 78 additional visual novels and four more anime series, I would never run out of good things to do.  But instead I have two, and only two, prospects -- a crappy Macross 7 and a mediocre Grisaia spinoff.

Between the anti-piracy crackdown and the infuriating lack of progress on automatic machine translation, here we are.  This is how bad things have gotten.

I don't need an all-white nation where women cease their civilization wrecking practices and return to being good obedient wives and mothers, the economy booms, crime goes down and children can be raised with decent moral values.  If people are so intrinsically evil that it would require a coercive state for them to even form a family anymore, then what's the point in even having them pretend to be good or caring about such people any longer?  The world can burn for all I care, humanity can go extinct for all I care.  That's a trivial concern compared to having something fun to do every day.  So long as I don't step outside my door, none of what's happening outside matters.  None of the crime, none of the heartbreaking divorces and adulteries, none of the educational brainwashing lies, none of it can reach me.  But if even inside my own walls I'm barred off from the one redeeming feature life in the modern world has left to be proud about, then that's crossing my red line.

90% of the problem is the unfortunate fact that I wasn't born in Japan so I don't know the correct language where all good art comes from.  But the remaining 10% of the problem, that evil people are actively hindering me from just having a fun time on my own, bothering no one, costing nobody anything, inside my own home, is simply infuriating.

Must people really be harried and pursued to the point that they can't even be left alone inside their own homes?  Must everything be banned on Earth such that living itself is now a crime?  What will they demand I pay for next, air?

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