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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Majikoi A-2 Complete:

After Da Capo, Majikoi is the next best visual novel franchise.  So naturally, my next target for completion was all the translated Majikoi.  With Majikoi A-2 being felled, I've cleared the entire series.  What a long ride it's been.  Aiyess' route in A-2 was good enough to make me cry, so the series still lives up to its old standards.  Monshirou and Seiso's routes weren't bad either, but it feels like they put all their heart and soul into Aiyess' route.

Next up in order of importance is the Grisaia short stories, because Grisaia is ranked just below Majikoi at 4th.  After that it's just Really? Really! and then I'm finally done.  I'll have read all the translated content in my top ten favorite VN franchises (until A-3 or something is translated, then it's back to work again.)

I also finished Baccano volume 15 and have moved on to 16.  15 sure had a lot of words for so little actually happening.  It's like Narita is paid by the page instead of by the quality of the story.  Well, 15 was still better than bullet garden/blood sabbath, so I should just count my blessings.

Five more volumes of Baccano and I'll have read every translated light novel in every series in my good books hall of fame that isn't already covered by an anime adaption.  Another phenomenal full clear of my obligations is within sight.

On the music front, I got tired of waiting for FF XV to be finished so I just dived into my grand melee.  I'll get back to finishing off FF XV's 100 listens eventually.  I just really wanted to start playing all my songs off against each other.  86/100 is close enough.

Before I rewatch Macross Delta, it was necessary to go back and rewatch the original series first, to get a firm grounding on what's going on.  I'm nearly done with that project, but that just means I have to move on to Macross 7 next.  Delta is still a long way's away.

Youjo Senki has been licensed by Yen Press, so ten years from now we'll get to read what happens after the anime ended.  Yay!

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