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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Majikoi A-1 Complete:

With Benkei's route completed, I'm one step closer to finishing my 3rd favorite visual novel series, Majikoi.  Out of what's translated, only Majikoi A-2 remains.  The reason Majikoi is so good is because it's so huge, with hundreds of characters and routes to choose between, but due to that it's taken years to play the series in full.  2017 will finally be the year I conquer this mountain -- except, of course, there's still A-3, A-4, and A-5 that will be releasing in the years to come.

Benkei's route was awful (who would ever want to date a drunk?).  But A-1 was still a great game because of mai waifu Sayaka, who's pretty much the perfect girl.

I severely doubt A-2 can match A-1, for the obvious reason that it lacks best girl Sayaka.  But Seiso, Monshirou and Cookie 4 are all intriguing matchups so I expect another great game.

Once I complete Majikoi and Da Capo III (which I've been playing simultaneously), I can shift my focus to the very deserving Really? Really!, and Grisaia short stories.  Once those are all done, my 'top ten visual novel franchises that I've actually played' list will be completely played instead of just partially, which will then display the full sincerity of my regard for these franchises.

Only once all four of these targets are down can I turn to something outside my top ten, like Muv-Luv or Dracu Riot.  Ideally I can wait until both Dracu Riot and To Heart 2 are fully edited and given their premium releases rather than just the beta versions I have now.  Reading visual novels in the correct order has benefits.  My goal is to eventually clear my backlog so that when new visual novels come out I can actually play them instead of just collect them like some sort of Scrooge McDuck.  Someday, over the rainbow. . .

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