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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mahoutsukai Precure Movie Subtitled:

The blu-ray, subtitled edition of Mahoutsukai Precure's movie is now available, thanks to the people over at [Imagination Station].  This concludes the era of Mahoutsukai.  From here on it's all about Kira Kira, which unfortunately is looking to be even worse than Mahoutsukai was.  Kira Kira doesn't even have an antagonist side, preferring random monsters of the week.  There's virtually no combat left in the series, all attacks seem to be soft and fluffy.  It's more a cooking anime than a magical girl show.  I get that they want new series to be novel, so they have to diversify like this, but if you stray too far from the original you're no longer even the same series.  It's like a baseball manga where the player decides to quit baseball and play soccer for a couple years, and twenty volumes of the manga covers his 'soccer arc.'  Is this really still a baseball manga?

Well, we'll just have to hope that next season of Pretty Cure has a better theme.  Kira Kira is still watchable, so we're better off with it than without it.

Meanwhile, this deal just keeps getting worse all the time:

Americans now have far less sex than before, down to just once a week.  Just to add to the joke that is marriage, never married men have more sex per year (on average) than married men.  So you went through that giant ritual, pay millions of dollars over your lifetime to 'secure' a sex partner, and then you get less than before you started.  Less variety too while you're at it.  This is no longer about 'why buy your milk when you can get it free?'  Now the question is 'why buy milk when you don't even get it?'

But marriages will give you families?  No they won't.  White couples only have around one child each, and even that child, as well as your wife, will eventually leave you once she divorces you, takes all your money (plus any money you might earn in the future), and the kids, and never sees you again.  The courts will back her up so there's nothing you can do.  Marriage doesn't mean anything in this country, because it is not a binding contract enforceable by law.  No Fault divorce means women can leave and take the kids with them at any time for any reason or no reason at all.  The only binding, enforceable portions of the marriage contract are duties men have towards women.  Men must keep providing money forever, in terms of alimony and child support, but women don't even have to provide sex during your married life -- if you try to 'take advantage' of your marital status with a girl that's spousal rape.  They don't have to provide anything, and as the above article shows, go figure, they don't provide anything.  Married men are less likely to get sex from their wives than single men are able to get from just putting themselves out there.  If you also consider the fact that married men tend to be above average men that women found appealing enough to marry, then if they had just stayed single, they would have had an above average number of willing partners while staying single as well, making the statistical gulf between married sex and single sex become even wider and more of an absurd joke.

The idea that a man must be faithful to his wife, conjoined with the idea that a woman need not ever have sex with her husband, is just another term for castration.  And yet that's the law of the land in glorious free America.  Anyone who gets married under these legal restrictions is a fool.  A complete sucker, chump, and loser, who has no idea what's in store for him over the coming years.  With this latest piece of evidence, it just drives home all the more that marriages are the worst bargains in all of human history.  Getting conned into buying broken used cars, fantastical snake medicines, or whatever, still would be infinitely cheaper than the ultimate con, buying a wife who doesn't ever have to do a damn thing for you.  A married man is a bigger fool than anyone fooled by Nigerian princes with bank accounts, kidnapping scams, or any other scam on Earth.

To reiterate, every man marries thinking his wife isn't like 'the other ones.'  Every man assumes his wife will treat him fairly and lovingly.  And yet half of all marriages end in divorce.  That means, if you do have a successful marriage, it wasn't because you carefully chose a trustworthy woman to marry.  Every man did thatEvery man thinks his wife is trustworthy before they marry.  It just means you got lucky.  You played a game of Russian roulette with two chambers and one bullet, and you just happened to luck out.  That doesn't make you brilliant, that makes you a fool.  You risked everything and got lucky.  That's all.  That is not a long term or sustainable solution to the marriage problem.  This is not a remedy for what ails society and every other, unlucky man in America.

The only long term, sustainable remedy is for men to go on strike.  Never marry until the marriage laws are changed back into an equitable exchange, where women have as many duties as rights, and men have as many rights as duties.  There is now nothing to gain from marriage for a man, only everything to lose.

Meanwhile, I'm halfway through listening to Tales of Berseria.  Once I complete the remaining half, this years-long musical feat will finally be put to a close.

Meanwhile, Championship Week continues.  Not every game in these minor conferences has been wonderful, but Florida Gulf Coast vs. Northern Florida was, and did you see the Siena vs. Iona overtime game with the championship on the line?  It was like watching the Trojan war in real time.  The heroic Hector would make a basket, then Achilles would come right back and score for the other side, back and forth, back and forth, war without end, heroes everywhere.

It's worth watching at least the beginning of every game just so you don't miss games like those.  Later today Northern Kentucky will be playing for its first ever berth in the dance, which definitely makes that game worth watching.

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