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Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Game 2nd Season green-lit:

This was a popular manga and a popular show with plenty of material left, so it was to be expected that it received a second season.  It's still a relief to hear it, though, because you never know with these anime studios (where's Index season 3?).

More New Game was on my wishlist of the top 100 shows I want to see animated but haven't been yet, so with this wish granted I took it out and put Tears to Tiara 2 in its place.  Humorously enough, even with a second season, it's still an incomplete, 25 eps or lower series, so its apples to apples category doesn't change in the least.  I'll worry about changing its actual ranking when it comes time to adjust all the rankings together again.

There's also more Idolm@ster coming, but this time about boys.  I hate fujoshi anime.  I guess I'll try the first episode but that's probably it.

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