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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Civil War Now:

On a daily basis now, leftist terrorist thugs are assaulting mainstream, regular Trump supporters solely for the crime of being Republicans, in a country with a Republican President, Republican House, Republican Senate, Republican Supreme Court and a Republican vast majority of state legislators and governorships.

Why do we have to timidly just sit and take this kind of abuse when we're the actual majority of the country?  When this is our country, not theirs?  When this is our homeland, not theirs?  When we bled for this land and this Constitution, they didn't?  When we're fucking paying all their bills because we work and they don't?

Republicans are all the responsible people in the country.  The married with children.  The employed who pay taxes.  The soldiers, the policemen, the firefighters.  Everyone with real jobs that do real things in the real world, as opposed to just pushing paper around or giving each other therapy.  How dare they look down on us?  How dare they say that we are 'outlaws,' beyond the protection of the law, due to how heinous we are?  We aren't your fucking dhimmi, Democrats.  We're the real America that you parasitically suck off in order to live every single day.

We just had an election to decide whether the Republican party was a bunch of deplorable, irredeemable, Un-American losers or not.  It turned out "NOT" won.  They don't get to define us anymore.  They can't just hand wave us away as a radical fringe, bitter clingers, troglodytes or whatever.  We aren't the ash heap of history.  We're in power right now across all of America, in all branches.

The democratic party consists of felons, illegal aliens (who vote anyway), jihadi terrorists, fat ugly bitter women who can't land a man already in their 40's, college age sluts who want the right to murder their own children so that their whoring fun isn't interrupted, welfare deadbeats, degenerate deviants, Satanists, and Jews.

They don't get the right to look down on us.  They are nothing.  They are the filth, the dross, the tares of civilization, who rightfully should have been rounded up and liquidated long ago.  They don't get the right to freely beat us without reprisal because they're some sort of higher class aristocracy like the Samurai of Japan.  Their champion, the best representative of who they are, is one of the filthiest souls to ever walk the Earth, Hillary Clinton, whose list of crimes would take entire books to describe.  Hillary Clinton then turns around and champions Alicia Machado, the getaway driver for a hit job, someone who made death threats to a sitting judge, a porn star, and the baby-mama of a drug kingpin.  At their pussy riot in D.C., they featured a gay man who abused little boys and a convicted murderer-rapist-kidnapper-torturer who served 27 years in prison as their fucking spokesmen.

Nor is this domestic insurrection limited to a few 'rowdy' 'overzealous youths.'  All these protests are organized and funded by billionaires and their various NGO's and foundations.  The media praises and celebrates them, egging them on to continuously escalate more.  The elected Democratic officials refuse to disavow the rioters and smirk and wink as Trump supporters have been viciously assaulted for years now without any legal reprisal to any of the perpetrators.  The Vice President they selected, Tim Kaine, said, as an elected member of the Senate, supposedly the august and austere body that stays within traditional norms, that Democrats should "fight in the streets."

So their highest representatives, their spokesmen, are calling for domestic insurrection and generalized genocide of all Republicans, which by the way is half the country.  The productive, good looking, intelligent, and mentally stable half, according to all studies.

The entire democratic party from top to bottom is in support of universal violence towards anyone who voted against them this election.  Men, women, and even children.  Yes, even the children who didn't vote, but supported Trump on facebook or in mock school elections or anywhere, have been violently assaulted by their DEMOCRATIC DEVIL CHILDREN PEERS.  They give no exceptions of civility out to anyone, they have descended all the way back to how barbarians fought wars, they have shed the skin of thousands of years of civilization which restricted violence to armies vs. armies following honorable rules of combat and gentle peaces towards the losers after the dust settles.  They are all in, and all of them are all in.

I see no point in conversing with these thugs anymore.  The entire Democratic Party is openly advocating violence towards the entire Republican Party.  This cannot be described as anything short of a civil war, which, like usual, only one side seems to be aware we are fighting.  How long must the long suffering Republicans continue to be pepper sprayed, knocked unconscious, set on fire, or otherwise assaulted before we start to fight back?  (Yes, all of those incidents have recently occurred and been duly reported upon in verifiable news sources.)

Why are we pretending we aren't under assault?  Why are we pretending not to hear what our own mainstream news organizations are saying every evening?  Why are we pretending the Democratic Party's elected officials aren't openly advocating treason, insurrection, and civil war?  Why are we pretending hundreds if not thousands of prestigious people have not broken the law by threatening to assassinate the president on twitter or other social media?

Why are we, the party in power, allowing ourselves to be shut down, deprived of our freedom of assembly and freedom of speech?  Do you think the Americans of 1774 would have put up with this kind of shit from Britain?

Why aren't we machine gunning down these crowds of masked orcs and zombies as they approach our MILO trucks?  Why aren't we just gunning them all down?  Don't we have a right to self defense?  Don't we have a right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech?  Who are these people and why do they get to stop our rallies anywhere we go?  And after we machine gun down all of the openly violent thugs, why don't we arrest everyone in the media, the government, and on social media who supported them as belonging to a criminal organization, a terrorist group, or for just straight out treason?  Since that would be the vast majority of the entire Democratic voting population of this country, why even bother with the legalities?  Why not just start roving death squads and execute them point blank wherever we find them just on the general suspicion that they're democrats and thus must be violent insurrectionists, or rendering aid to violent insurrectionists, which is just as guilty under the law?

Either Trump's government restores our liberties by crushing these domestic terrorists, or we should just go over Trump's head and do it ourselves.  I don't see why we have to play any further games of nice-nice with these scumbags.  They have revealed their true selves for all to see.  They aren't patriotic Americans who just have a different moral perspective on life.  They are tyrants who want to bury us, who want to enslave us, who want to stomp on our heads for the rest of eternity, and the moment they couldn't do that via the government they just switched things out and now are fine doing it as extra-legal, paramilitary guerilla warriors.  To them it never mattered at all how it was done, just so long as it was done.  They aren't our fellow citizens.  They never were.  They're just the Enemy.  They're the Adversary.  They're fucking Satan.


Anonymous said...

Have you made sure to backup the content of your blog? With this type of content it could be taken down without notice

Diamed said...

The important posts, yeah. The day to day ones would be lost, which is sad. But I'd rather write the posts and be deleted than self-censor. Someone somewhere has to state the true case of things and stop being so polite/mealy-mouthed.

Anonymous said...

I applaud your willingness to talk openly about issues.

There's a way you can back up everything, though.

Go to Settings > Other > Back up content

Diamed said...

Thanks, I went ahead and backed it up. ^_^