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Monday, January 30, 2017

Macross Resumes in 2018:

Macross seems to be determined to be the alpha and omega of anime.  Macross was the first good anime ever made, and now it's scheduled to keep coming out till the furthest frontiers of time.  I thought Macross Delta was a perfectly good stopping point for the series, but I guess the creators have other plans.  I'm looking forward to which new twist the series has planned for us next year.

Tales of Zestiria the X is deviating pretty severely from the video game source, now.  I'm not very happy about that.  But at least the music and art is splendid.

One Piece's anime has now reached chapter 822 of the manga.  Which is the final chapter of the Zou arc.  From here on it's big mam time.  Though I wonder if they'll insert filler inbetween.  It will probably take two anime episodes just to cover this one chapter, too, based on how much they've perfected the art of dragging things out.  Who knows, maybe they'll go for a new record and take three episodes to cover just one chapter of the manga.

My biggest complaint with Naruto seems to be that they continuously engage Akatsuki members with small squads when they have the full force of an entire ninja village at their backs.  Why not suspend all missions for a while until Akatsuki is defeated?  Then you could have thousands of ninjas assigned to the slaughter of each individual Akatsuki member plus Orochimaru.  There wouldn't be a need for ninjas like Asuma to die if they were just taking this threat seriously.  This same problem extends into the current arc I'm rewatching, where Naruto decides to take a small squad out in order to meet and beat Itachi.  (What a joke, he's the strongest Akatsuki member of them all. . .)

Still, the kakashi boyhood two episode special before this arc was amazing, reminding me of why Naruto is ranked #1.  Also, this is the final time Konoha makes this stupid mistake.  From here on it's all out war with Akatsuki, using all the resources they have available.  I just have to get over this hump and the story will start to make sense again.

Mahoutsukai Pretty Cure finally ended, on a bizarre episode that featured Cure Whip before she was even introduced as the protagonist of the next season, Kira Kira Precure.  You would think that it couldn't get any worse than Mahoutsukai, but for all we know that's what Kira Kira is aiming for.  If Kira Kira Pretty Cure is no good, it still must be watched all the same, because the overall quality of Pretty Cure has earned that right from its fans.  So there's no need to give an impression of next week's new series.  Whether good or bad, like a marriage, I will watch Pretty Cure to the very end.  But, technically, Kira Kira Pretty Cure is the actual last new series of the winter season.  :).  BanG Dream should have waited a couple more weeks, now its thunder is stolen forever.

Tales of Berseria is a fun game with an interesting story.  However, it's frustrating that the villains in the story are the actual heroes and we, the heroes, are actually the villains.  Every action I take in this game I'm just making the world worse thereby.  Hopefully we 'heroes' will have an epiphany and change our behavior in the future, or else this will be the least satisfying lead cast in Tales history.

I'm 2/3 of the way through Zestiria's music listening project.  After that it's just Berseria's soundtrack and then I'm done.

I'm 2/3 of the way through Heretics of Dune.  After that it's just Chapterhouse Dune and then I'm done.

I finished Monshiro's route.  After that is Margit's route, then Childhood, and then finally Takae's route, and Majikoi S will be complete.

In Da Capo III I've finished Himeno's route and am working on Sera's.  Still a long way's to go in this one.  I will say that I preferred my modern Japan world over this London school of magic though.  It makes me wish I could be playing Platinum Partner instead.  I now understand why Da Capo III's anime ended at the prologue, this weather vane stuff has been underwhelming in comparison.

Why can a lowly judge overthrow a president's executive order?  The law clearly states, passed by Congress, that the President has the authority to bar any immigrants he views as contrary to the national interest.  This can be applied as broadly or narrowly, as discriminatorily as he damn well pleases.  It's a simple, easily understood law, with no possibility of misinterpretation.  So where does this judge get the authority to say "ayo hol' up, the President can't do that."  Where?  On what legal basis?  If judges, unelected, lowly local officials, are actually more powerful than a nation-wide elected president, then what does democracy even mean?  In the end a random judge in some dirthole in the middle of nowhere is more powerful than our Commander in Chief.

Something like 80% of Americans want to ban refugees from terror prone countries.  50% want a complete ban on all Muslim immigration.  But because of some unelected judge, our president, who was elected on the promise he would stop these refugees just a week ago, can't actually implement the policies we just voted for.  Who voted for judges, not even the supreme court, but local judges, to be the true dictators of America, screw what all the voters have to say?  This whole system is so rotten.  It's all a farce.  The people are never actually allowed to have their will.  In the end this judge, who answers only to the elites, gets to decide everything.

Based on how much Democrats are howling about Trump, you would think that he's actually done something positive for white Americans and negative towards minorities.  None of this is true.  The country continues browning.  White Americans continue to decline in both relative and absolute numbers, while non-white Americans continue to increase in both relative and absolute terms.  Most new jobs have gone to non-white Americans and immigrants.  Affirmative action is still the law of the land.  Whites are still being attacked simply for voicing their opinions or being pro-trump, while minorities can call for the assassination of the president or general genocidal violence and the police do nothing to stop them.

We are still dying in God forsaken places like Yemen trying to clean up the messes of other nations and other cultures at our own expense.

All of this will remain true even after the wall is built.  The refugee ban is temporary and soon enough they'll be flooding in again.  It's such a pathetic gesture it may as well have never even been made.  A 90 day delay isn't going to change the course of world history.  Only a permanent ban would have made any sense at all.

The media is still allowed to make baldfaced lies about anything and everything without any libel suits or repercussions.  It was just a straight out lie that MLK's bust was removed from the white house, but nothing happened to the reporters who reported it.  This is the state of American newsrooms now.  They'll just say anything to defame Trump, Melania, or even little Barron and nothing at all will happen to any of them.

$22 trillion dollars have already been spent on the war on poverty, virtually all of it provided by white tax payers and virtually all of it going to non-white tax leeches.  If not for this stupid giveaway to people who hate us and want to rape and kill us the moment our vigilance slackens, we wouldn't even have a national debt.  Instead we just have a bunch of surly wannabe terrorists and criminals in ever multiplying numbers, and the same poverty rate as when we started.

Democrats have no clue what losing feels like.  Once their constituents can be attacked in the street without any penalty, once they're being discriminated against in hiring and promotions, once their countries are being colonized by white settlers, once their elected officials are overruled by random judges, once the media starts demonizing them with lies every hour of every day, once their soldiers are being sacrificed in order to help out the citizens of Iceland and Montana, once their tax dollars are being sapped away to feed our giant welfare benefits, maybe then they can open their mouths.  Until then all of their caterwauling is the most obnoxious sound under the heavens.  I wish God in his fiery wrath would come down and purge them all.

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