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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Kud Wafter Anime Announced:

Kud Wafter is a world famous Key visual novel, one of the most respected of all their works, so it was a travesty that it has never received an anime adaption -- until now.  It's also a travesty that it's never been translated -- but subtitlers always translate anime, so this problem too is solved forevermore.

In a year or two, we'll finally get to see this continuation of the Little Busters! anime we've all been waiting for.  I didn't expect much from 2019, but now there's definitely something I'm looking forward to.

Apparently this announcement is in a very early stage, so 2019 may even be an optimistic scenario.  But just knowing it's going to happen is soothing enough.  All I ever want is the guarantee, that's all I ever ask of these companies.

With Kud Wafter now a reality, it no longer has to reside in my wishlist, so it's been stricken from the rolls.  That puts Gokukoku no Brynhildr back on my wishlist for now.  How quickly things can change in a single day.  On my list for years, then off it for the first time, and then back on again a day later. . .

I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  It had all sorts of annoying plot holes.  Time travel is just one giant plot hole and no self-respecting story should ever rely on it.  On top of that, it never felt like Voldemort was interested in earthly things like sex or family, so I find it extremely unlikely he ever had a daughter like the story says.  There's also the ridiculousness of Cedric turning to the dark side just for losing the Triwizard Cup.  What a slander to his reputation.  And the foolishness of handing the time travel device over to an unvetted third party just moments after you decided it must be destroyed so that it can never fall into the wrong hands again.

But the biggest problem is that the story is a feminist screed.  Harry is a blundering doofus, and Ginny berates him on how he's 'extremely lucky' to have married her, to which he meekly agrees.  Ron is a total loser, who Hermione is constantly snidely putting down in front of others.  There's no explanation for how their marriage lasts since she never shows any respect for him at any time.  Hermione is the Minister of Magic and Minerva is the head of Hogwarts.  Even the top villain is a girl.  It's a gynarchy from stem to stern.

J.K. Rowling seems to have written the books fans wanted when she was on her original series, but now she's writing the book 'she' wanted to write, and the nakedness of her biases now dominates the quality of her imaginativeness in settings and descriptions.  Oh well.  At least now the series is fully done, so I'll never have to read more of it again.

After the Wichita Massacre and the Knoxville Horror, no one should be surprised at what blacks are up to in Chicago.  If no one was convinced of our inability to coexist by the Knoxville Horror, this latest story won't change any minds either.  Black on white atrocities occur every day, and for decades it hasn't changed people's minds in the least.  After a while it's no longer the blacks that are disgusting, but the whites who keep taking it all and asking for more.  Who can blame the predators when the prey are just so damn hapless, to the point that they deserve their own extinction?  This retarded kid is a perfect synechdoche for the entire white race.

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