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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kazuhiro Yamaji:

Kazuhiro Yamaji is my newest inductee into my great voice actors list.  He has a deep and charming voice that's vaguely sinister but likable all the same.  This perfectly suits suave villains like Bel from Doki Doki Pretty Cure or Hit from Dragon Ball Super.  Someday it might be fun for him to play a good guy, but I guess everyone's voice has its strong points and weak points.

It's unusual for a man to get entry into my good voices hall of fame, so he has to be twice as good as the normal woman just to keep up with them.  I hope he gets lots more roles moving forward, as so far, despite his old age, he has surprisingly few.

Meanwhile, the latest Fairy Tail oav 9 has come out subtitled.  The translation may not be the best, but the episode is so simple that it hardly even needs one.  This makes Fairy Tail the first new anime of 2017, taking the early lead as the best anime of the year.  ;).

I read volumes 3 and 4 of Akame ga Kill! Zero.  Everything about the series is fantastic, as expected of the 7th best manga of all time.  My only regret is that all these nice assassins I'm just getting to know are dying off like flies, and are all doomed to die by the end of the series.  Well, I guess transience is what gives flowers and sakura their beauty.  If only I could read the final chapter of the mainline Akame ga Kill!, I'm dying to know how everything ends up on that end.

Fate/Apocrypha has been given an anime tv series slated for 2017.  That's on top of the Fate/Extra that's already slated for 2017, and the Fate/Heaven's Feel movies that are also slated for 2017.  We're going to have Fate coming out of our ears by the end of the year.  All this Fate is going to make it difficult for someone to knock them off its current #3 ranking of all time anime greatness, but it can't rise up any further, given that Naruto and Pretty Cure are still a million times longer.  If only Fairy Tail's tv anime returned, it could knock Fate off its perch. . .

The Magnificent 7, Fierce Five and Final Five represent diverse America at its best.  Talented, meritorious women from all walks of life, children of immigrants, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, and all-American native blondes and brunettes all work together to win American gold.  They are fierce competitors and loving friends, who give their all for the team and their country, even landing on one leg on the vault to make up for their more famous teammate's mistake.  When you hear our national anthem asking these golden girls if we're still the land of the free, and the home of the brave, you can only nod and admit that yes, we still have women who represent our core values and blaze just as patriotically hot as those soldiers at Fort McHenry.  If liberalism meant this utopian vision of America, this wonderful blend of talent from all walks of life and all corners of the world into a united whole, then I would have to admit it really is the greatest vision.  But that's not the real goal of liberalism, which doesn't rely on merit and colorblind fair competitions to pick out winners and losers.  Instead it's just a relentless leveling where the best must be sullied, pulled down and destroyed in order to assuage the feelings of the worst.  In fact, Olympians are just one of many targets liberals are eager to destroy.  These very gymnasts are the people liberals hate, because they feel the Olympics itself shouldn't exist.  Money that now goes to meritorious women like the Final Five should instead go to health care and education in our inner cities (ie, be utterly and completely wasted.)

In order to protect the right for women's gymnasts to strive for excellence and be awarded with the title of 'best,' 'first', and other titles merit-hating liberals hate, we must get rid of the impetus that poisons liberals into wishing for a great leveling of all things.  And that impetus is they think it's unfair for some races to be better off than others.  And they would never notice this unfairness if everyone had the same skin color.  So the only way to get rid of liberalism is to make it look totally random who wins and who loses, so they have nothing left to whine about.  IE, the only way to create a color blind society that focuses solely on merit is for everyone to be the same color. 

I want a homogeneous white nation not because it's better than all races getting along, but because it's better than all races being at each others' throats, which is the inevitable result of them living in close proximity with each other, because that immediate liberal instinct of requiring everything and everyone be equal looms like a horror movie villain behind every innocent and meaningless moment in a diverse country.  If liberals would only get over their stupid instincts of requiring everything be fair and equal and level, we could have enjoyed the enlightened world that these gymnasts represent.  However, because they are too stupid and evil, it's just one more nice thing we can no longer have.

To destroy liberalism, I must sacrifice common sense and rationality, and operate on their same lower level of irrational stupidity, because it's the only world they understand.  I must accommodate myself to their lizard-like brains, and remove all traces of the illusion of unfairness, so that they can no longer riot over them, even though the world was never unfair to begin with.  Because they're too stupid to tell the difference between natural differences between the races and societal oppression, we aren't allowed to have any kumbayah singing at all.  If only I could gather together all the liberals' necks into one stalk so I could execute them with just one swift stroke, diverse gymnastics teams could work together like rainbows every four years.  But that's just one more casualty of this stupid, broken, ridiculous world.

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