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Friday, January 20, 2017

Da Capo III R Finally Released: has finally translated and released Da Capo III R for the English speaking world.  It only took four years since the game was released in Japan.  Now those of us who watched the original anime can finally see what happened after the prologue, the actual full game.  The longest cliffhanger in history right there.  >.<

If you buy it now on release day you even get a $6 discount, so now's the time to strike.  After waiting four years for this to come out, who would want to wait even a single additional day?

Da Capo III R is only a slightly changed game from the original Da Capo III, with some additional cg's and a silly side story involving the characters of Da Capo II.  Da Capo III is set 20 years after the events of Da Capo II, so I don't suspect much interaction with the original cast in the main story.  Though if they ever do show up I'll be delighted to see them.  As good as I and III are, they'll never compare to the incomparable II.  Even the main character of Outbreak Company announced Da Capo II to be his favorite visual novel of all time and Yume to be his favorite heroine.  (He knows his stuff!)

Akame ga Kill!'s ending was the first real event of 2017, and I suppose it's also Trump's inauguration day, which is worth something, but Da Capo III's release is by far the biggest happening of the year.  I've waited for this for four years.  Ever since the anime ended, I've been stuck wanting to know what happens next and unable to know it.  For four long years.  That's an entire presidency.  Though with the number of leftists gunning for Trump, I'd be amazed if he actually lasted the full four years.  It's not like democracy is actually allowed to happen in this country.  People's will?  Hah.  The oligarchs control everything from the shadows and they've done it this way since the beginning.

My biggest complaint with the game is that every time you want to proceed to the next line of text, you have to physically click the left mouse button.  Usually with visual novels all you have to do is scroll down the middle mouse wheel.  No such convenience here.  If you want to read this book, you have to exhaust yourself with endless clicking.  Or turn on auto-mode and hope for dear life you can keep up as the book just proceeds narrating itself on its own terms.  If you get distracted, or want to stop and look at someone or something, poof, too bad, so sad, the story has moved on without you.  This same obnoxious trait is true of all the previous Da Capo games as well.  I don't understand why they can't get with the times like everyone else.  Mouse wheels are a necessity of life, they're sending us practically back to the stone age with this stupid left click nonsense.

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