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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wake Up, Girls! Movie 3: Beyond the Bottom subtitled:

It took a year, but WUG is finally translated in full.  Nyaatorrents now has the appropriate subtitle and raw files necessary to complete this wonderful journey.  I already watched the movie raw due to my impatience so viewing it today counts as my second time.  No need for another rewatch after this!

WUG is the 2nd best idol show in terms of pure song and dance performances, only Love Live! has them beat, and the third movie continues that great tradition with their closing credits performance.  But the movie also had a lot of heart and characterization in it, as Nanami finally chooses the group over her potential solo career in a heart rending, perfectly executed scene.

Together with the previous Seishun no kage movie translation, WUG was the 27th best anime of 2016, even though the series was actually completed in Japan in 2015.  I'm just glad we finally got to join in on the fun.

What else will come out before the year is over?  Akatsuki no Yona's Zeno ova?  Dimension W's ova?  It feels like this year is so blessed that nothing would surprise me anymore.  To get this movie after I already announced 2016 the best year ever is like putting a chocolate covered cherry on top.

Just as refreshing, www.Working is getting better by the episode and I'm really warming up to the characters I used to hate.  Naruto is also back from filler.  The plot seems a little suspect, but by God the art and animation are amazing.  They're clearly trying their best to keep their fans lingering around for at least a little longer.  The #1 anime of all time is back and going strong as we head into the new year.

I predict no change in the CFP rankings.  Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Washington are in.  The playoff committee got a pretty easy pitch this time around, so I don't expect much drama behind this clear-cut decision.  Congratulations to South Alabama and Louisiana Lafayette reaching bowl eligibility as well.

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