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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Traitor Derek Black Gets Front Page Op-Ed in New York Times:

Betraying his race and his family and his entire upbringing has gotten Derek Black far in life.  Now he can even write editorials for the front page of the New York Times.  Having Jew friends in high places gives you a center piece on the Jewish Newspaper of Record.

However, when you actually read traitor Derek Black's article, it turns out that his arguments are completely non-factual and incoherent.  He says that he was a white nationalist because he never imagined that might bring harm to non-whites.  Who is he kidding?  The whole purpose of white nationalism is that non-white interests must be subservient to white interests, because we matter more than they do.  How could he have been the son of the founder of Stormfront, which glorifies Nazis and actually attempted a coup before, and never imagined that our movement could ever bring about harm to non-whites?

This is completely disingenuous.  This guy is the son of freaking Don Black.  He's not the son of Jared Taylor or some other milkman.  He's the son of the founder of Stormfront.  He grew up being taught from day one how evil non-whites are, and especially Jews, and yet he meets a few Jews in college who explain to him that white nationalism is harmful to them, and just like that he realizes he's on the wrong side and turns traitor?  He never imagined that Stormfront would ever mean any harm to Jews?  He co-hosts a radio show for Stormfront for years with his father Don Black, and he never knew Stormfront, or his dad, had any animus against Jews?

This is like Obama saying he had no idea Reverend Jeremiah Wright had any animus against Americans or white people because he managed to skip every sermon that held any hostility in it while going to church there for thirty years.  Or maybe he was there but he was just asleep every time.  And somehow none of his family ever found out and told him about this fact either, in all that time.  Wright was just such an enigma.  How could anyone have known?  Except Derek Black's ludicrous claim is even more ludicrous than Obama's, because he's living in a home full of Nazi paraphernalia, the son of the most prominent Neo-Nazi on Earth, and it never occurred to him that any of it meant hostility towards anyone else.

So Derek Black is not only an unbelievable traitor, he's also one of the slimiest liars to ever walk the Earth, and on top of it he's so revoltingly stupid that A) he was actually convinced by the first Jew he met, even though he had been taught all his life not to trust Jews, that his entire worldview was false and B) he actually thinks he can trick anyone else into thinking he was somehow completely ignorant about the import of his own beliefs for the first twenty years of his life.

Now, I want to ask Derek Black, so long as he's explaining his beliefs in the New York Times, how he was taught all the truths of the Bell Curve, the Minnesota Trans-racial Adoption Study, Rushton, Lynn, etc, and yet the first time a Jew says "your beliefs make us afraid and worried," suddenly all those truths disappear, never to be referenced again.  It doesn't matter if a bunch of low IQ people suffer, because better them than us, the high IQ people who are responsible for every advance in human history.

I am certain he was taught this by his father and all the other people at Stormfront.  There are entire topic categories at Stormfront talking about all the inventions whites are responsible for, the results of IQ testing across centuries, and how incompetent the other races are.  He must know these truths.  So how did he forget all about them when confronted by the first Jew he ever met in college?  Shouldn't he have said, "Fuck off, Jew, my father taught me never to discuss anything with lying scheming snakes like your entire ethnicity is."

If not that, why didn't he say, "I don't care what happens to non-whites because Rushton proved they are genetically inferior to us, and in this malthusian world, especially in a world where non-whites are rapidly overrunning every last white country on Earth and genociding us via race replacement, it's time to put my own people first."

Or why didn't he say, "Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, but white countries are for everybody?  I don't think so.  Caring about your lousy feelings is just another term for white genocide."

Where did all the lessons white nationalism taught him on how to argue with liberals go when the critical moment arose?  He was taught, home schooled, for eighteen years, why we were right and they were wrong.  He was afforded all these all powerful, irrefutable arguments he could have slammed those Jews with right out of the gate, and he folded upon first learning that his views outraged others and made them afraid/uncomfortable?  Who is this world class loser?

And now this traitor, this imbecile, this bald-faced liar, presumes to lecture Trump voters on why their votes are too hateful in a democratic society and 'muh feelings' were too hurt so democracy must be re-educated into its proper eternal communist 'bent of history?'  Who the hell is this guy?  His only accomplishment is that he betrayed the people who loved him and fed him all his life by folding to the first opponent he ever met in an argument, wholesale, without putting up a single fight on a single issue in any way using the 18 years of facts we afforded him with since the day he was born.  His only accomplishment is that he is the most stupid, blithering, incompetent white nationalist to have ever walked the Earth -- and so he gets a front page editorial at the New York Times.  How about they give Andrew Anglin a front page editorial at the New York Times where he can explain the absolutely unbeatable, incontrovertible arguments that make up the absolutely invincible and supremely true principles of our movement?  Why are only traitors who can't argue their way out of cardboard boxes featured?  He does not represent us!  Pond scum would be ashamed to be related to him.  He clearly suffers from mental retardation levels never before seen in the history of mankind.  A Jew told me my views were offensive, I never realized my whole life long that this might be the case, so I immediately turned my back on the family that raised me and started licking said Jew's asshole in order to be forgiven?  Who the fuck is this guy?  Unbelievable.  Derek Black should be added to Dante's Divine Comedy right next to Judas, Cassius and Brutus.  There is no excuse for conduct this unbecoming to Man.  He may be the very worst person to have ever lived in history.  Unlike Hillary or Mohammed, he possesses no virtues at all.  He's not even intelligent, motivated, effective or determined.  He's not even a worthy adversary.  As useful as the dog dung that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

That's the quality of his editorial too.  He doesn't even attempt to gainsay any of our arguments, which he must know about because he was taught them since childhood.  How can he write about how important it is to convert Trump voters and white nationalists back in to the liberal fold, when he doesn't even attempt to refute a single one of our points which are why we believe what we believe?  Does he think this will convince anyone?  Is this sorry, pathetic editorial supposed to sway anyone?  Does he really think "Nazism hurts' non-white's feelings so it's time to stop saying mean things and start singing kumbayah" is all it takes?  Maybe that's all it took to convert this loser, who is the world's most incompetent idiot at debate, having apparently folded upon meeting a liberal for the first time in his life, and giving way after the very first argument a liberal ever made to him on why he was wrong.  But real Nazis are made of sterner stuff.  Why would a lickspittle cowardly traitor who couldn't adhere to his views in the first place be able to convince anyone with a spine of anything?

If you ever wondered if America was truly meritocratic or not, here's your answer.  This sniveling slime of a human being gets to write articles read by millions of people across the globe, while true intellects who have the facts, the spiritual fortitude, and the logical coherence to argue their causes are kept silent and suppressed.  This country, this entire time period, is a sick joke.  Derek Black is the leader of nothing and no one.  No one in the whole world could possibly respect this spineless worm.  The idea that anyone should be reading about what he thinks is a farce.  Put Andrew Anglin on to represent the fair and balanced other side of the debate, or just admit that the New York Times is only trying to push a narrative, not discover the truth, once and for all.

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