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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Finally, Justice(?) for Philando Castille:

In every other case, police were justified in shooting their various opponents, but in this case, it was clearly unjustified.  The cop, who is Hispanic, just randomly gunned him down in cold blood, for nothing more than a lousy traffic violation.  It was the most outrageous and unjust incident I had ever heard of, and I immediately called for the death penalty for this cop who was clearly a much worse person than the one he had pulled over.

Philando Castille had never done a real crime in his life.  He'd been pulled over 52 times for junk charges like not wearing a seatbelt, but he hadn't done anything to anyone in his entire life.  He was killed for absolutely no reason.  And justice was silent for six months.  The cop wasn't arrested, wasn't charged with anything, it was like the murder hadn't even happened.

Meanwhile, some twenty other cops had to die in various ambush attacks because the one cop who did deserve to die, this Jeranomo fellow, wasn't arrested or charged with anything.  In the face of such blatant injustice, and since it was obvious no cops would ever pay for their bad decisions, it was taken out on innocent people all across the country instead.  If the cops had just arrested this guy immediately and put him on trial immediately, how many innocent lives could have been saved?  Now he finally gets charged with murder.  Great!  How about doing that six months ago, before the Dallas shootings?  Before the Baton Rouge shootings?  Before all the shootings?

Even now Philando is being denied justice.  Yes, the cop has been charged, but only with manslaughter.  Is it manslaughter to just cold bloodedly pull out your gun and shoot a guy a dozen times who hasn't made any threatening movements or any threats or done anything to you, who is only being pulled over for a broken tail light?  Is that really manslaughter?  How is this not first degree murder, deserving of the death penalty?

But whatever.  At least he's been charged.  At least there's some sanity to the justice system in this country.  We aren't just living in a free fire zone where cops can do anything and get away with it.  This time it went too far.  Everyone saw that immediately.  Apparently it takes the justice system six months to catch up with what any 2 year old could have told you from the beginning.  If we're lucky, Jeranomo can be put in a jail cell with a bunch of blacks and they can just finish the job from there.  Jeranomo didn't just kill Philando Castille, he's responsible for the twenty dead cops all across this country who were killed in protest of Philando's death.  He's a mass murderer and he deserves the death penalty.  Manslaughter?  Give me a break.

Meanwhile, I finished Chinami's route in Hoshizora.  Just two more to go before I'm finally done with this visual novel.  The only standout portion of this game is Mare, so of course you can't unlock her route until the very end.  >.<.  I like finishing what I've started, but I don't suggest this VN to anyone else.  Way too much effort for way too little gain.

I'm up to Tales of Vesperia's music in my Tales listening project.  It's very pretty.  Bucolic.  After Vesperia there's only Vs., Xillia and Zesteria.  (And, I suppose, Berseria, but I won't listen to the music until I've finished playing the game.  I don't want the game experience spoiled ahead of time, after all.)  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  One more mammoth project off my checklist.

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