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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wake Up, Girls! Movie, Seishun no Kage, Finally Translated:

I suggested this is one of the things that could happen that would allow 2016 to have a higher great anime total than 2015's, and lo and behold a couple days later it happens.  Also, the translator of the movie promised the second movie would also get translated, which is great news.  We'll finally have WUG in its entirety, and boy was the movie good.

This puts 2016's great franchise entries up to 40, with three months left to go to get just one more entry.  I think it's pretty much in the bag now, 2016 > 2015.

Meanwhile, Trump utterly destroyed Hillary in today's debate, bringing up all the facts he should've brought up in the first debate and this time really showing America's fury with her life as an eternal get out of jail free criminal.  If only he'd brought up all the deaths surrounding Hillary and suggested 'this is too many to be a coincidence, folks.'  That's about the only portion of the puzzle he left missing from this witch's life.  He even called her the devil and promised to put her in jail once he's elected.  What a night.  If only Trump would win!  It's like the whole world would brighten up and even the flowers would start singing.  Long delayed justice would finally, finally, come swinging down on this witch's head.

As expected, Ikusei Keikaku has become a death game, but at least it isn't a battle tournament, so it's kind of an interesting take on the genre.  I don't expect anything great from this show, but its delivery was better than I dreaded coming into this week.

Shuumatsu no Izetta was beautiful and amazing like always, but it still has that basic problem that a small nation can't possibly beat Germania, even with a witch's help, so what exactly is the plan here going forward?  This show's value could swing wildly in the ensuing weeks.

A full review of the fall season is still waiting on a translation of Idol Memories and Soul Buster.  If WUG can get translated after years of neglect, I have high hopes that these shows will eventually see the light of day too.

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