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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Visual Novel Updates:

Today's a big day for visual novels.  Sora o Aogite has been released on Steam, minus all the erotic content.  The problem is the game was centered around that content so the game has been totally gutted.  Still, it's better than nothing.  Hopefully someone will helpfully provide an English patch with the missing content restored in the future, like they did with konozora.

Putting 'A dragon girl looks up at the endless sky' aside, there's major progress on a lot of other important visual novels too.

Da Capo 3 is in 'beta', whatever that means.

Dal Segno is 79% translated and edited.  Rapid progress.

Grisaia is getting a new sequel series using all-new characters.  I'm dubious it can rise to the same level of quality as the original, but who knows, it's the same company, they must be capable of something.  It's already been guaranteed to have an English release.

Imouto Paradise 2 is fully translated and half edited, won't be long now.

Majikoi A-2 is 75% done.

Tenshin Ranman is 62% translated.

To Heart 2 is 95% edited, almost done now.

And Tsui Yuri is 97% translated.  Wow.  That's a lot of visual novels that will be ready for us come the dawning of 2017.

Meanwhile, I'm still making nigh-zero progress on Hoshizora and Majikoi S.  I'm just falling further and further behind, but I can't help it when they release so damn many good works at once.

Meanwhile, Angel Beats: Heaven's Door is done in Japan.  The story is 11 manga volumes long.  The official English translation so far has three volumes, and the fan translation is stalled out (probably by the lawyers from the official translation.)  So, sadly, this doesn't help us much, except to give us solace that at least now there's a light at the end of the tunnel, a prospect to actually get to see the ending of this fantastic prequel to the anime.  A new Angel Beats manga is planned, but it's unclear if it will be any good or add anything new we didn't already see in the anime.  For now Heaven's Door is a fine stopping point.

Akame ga Kill! has officially listed its final chapter as coming out this December.  But the prequel story continues, so the real ending isn't actually in sight.  Even so, I'm more hyped for the Akame ga Kill! manga's ending than the Bleach manga, as everything is looking to be wrapped up properly in this story, which is just eons better than virtually every other story ever drawn.  It's better than popular classics like One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball and Ranma 1/2.  It's even better than Fairy Tail.  And the basic reason why is so simple -- it's realistic.  It's mature.  It takes things seriously.  People really kill and really die.  This should not be such a rare thing in storytelling, but it is.  Now this completely unique story will have another unique feature as being one of the few manga stories that actually ended satisfactorily, with everything properly wrapped up but nothing dragged meaninglessly on.  What other shocking innovations does this story have for the industry?????!!!!

Meanwhile, the final chapter of Freezing Zero also came out translated today, ending the manga in a real sense for the rest of us outside of Japan.  Freezing Pair Love Stories should be ending soon, in the sense that it too will finally be translated in full as well, with just one chapter left to translate.  After that we can devote our full focus to the mainline Freezing storyline, which is still going strong.

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