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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shakunetsu no Takyuu Dropped:

I actually like the ping pong playing and the characterization that goes into this show, but there's so much discordant fan service where it doesn't naturally belong, it breaks immersion and makes you actually feel perverted for watching this show.  In the middle of a fierce volley these girls have the time to clutch their bodies and blush fiercely like they're having orgasms.  I mean, pick one category, is this a sports show or a hentai?

Also the girl who refers to her teammates by the color of their panties in the middle of a school environment is outrageous and unrealistic.  It just gets to be a lechery overload.  The same amount of ecchi can be depicted in a completely inoffensive way if the author had even bothered to make the situations and scenes realistic, but he/she just forced them in without a second thought instead.  It's just too brutish and lazy for a fan to take.

Meanwhile, Mahoutskai Precure is back due to some kind anon subtitlers.  Mahoutskai Precure is still the worst Precure ever, but that's still better than most shows anyway.

Meanwhile, the Big 12 foolishly chose not to expand to its proper number of 12 teams.  It's going to stay at 10 teams, even though there's already a Big 10 conference (which has 14 teams.)

Meanwhile, I finished reading Harmonia.  It's the worst Key visual novel I've read, but that's still pretty good compared to other companies.  Shiona sure is pretty.

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