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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Naruto Shippuden Episode 479:

This time for real!  Naruto has adapted chapter 699, and the last page of chapter 700, which is the ending of the original Naruto storyline.

We'll get to see the rest of chapter 700 sometime after they've adapted all the spinoffs.  But for now, Naruto is over.  The remainder of the episodes this fall will just be filler, so it's okay to remove the show from your viewing lineup.

Naruto will pick back up again at the start of the winter 2017 season.  Because 428 canon episodes just isn't enough to cover the full story of Naruto.  ^^;

Well, when you're talking about the best story of all time, not just among anime, but of any medium, giving it leeway to spend as much time as it wants is definitely a good thing.

I was afraid this episode would be filler and terrible, but it actually stuck to the manga closely and delivered a perfect ending.  This was the perfect way to send out the original Naruto storyline.  It did justice to all the predecessor episodes that got the series to this point.

I hope the Naruto anime adapts the scarlet spring manga, which was also done by Kishimoto and just as important as any other chapters he wrote.  After that, I'm okay with the story ending, but before then I can't say the story is complete.  Let's hope good things are in store for us starting in 2017.

Meanwhile, Gate's 2nd season blu-ray version is completely subtitled and ready for re-viewing.  I've already done so, one more great series checked off as rewatched.

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