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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why Should I Care About My Fellow Citizen?:

When Trump supporters argue that America's policy should benefit Americans, they don't give any argument to support this assertion, they seem to think it's just obvious why this should be so.  But who are other Americans to us?  Should we really be supporting them in a biased and discriminatory manner, rather than just wishing for a meritocracy where any individual from anywhere on Earth can thrive?

There's very little support for 'citizenism.'  It's just an accident of fortune who exactly the citizens of the United States currently happen to be.  We are not sorted in any manner that would mean we have any relation to one another.  We just all happen to live here.  America is a geographic area, nothing more, which waves of people from all corners of the world have already flooded into to stake their own claim.

Leftists see America as a land of opportunity where the poor and oppressed can come to and seek a better life through our generous assistance, which we owe to them for being so much wealthier and luckier than they are.

Libertarians see America as a land of opportunity where the ambitious and capable of the planet can reach their full potential, all of whom are far preferable to their fellow citizen losers who couldn't find their way out of a jelly doughnut.

Why should we care about Joe down the street instead of Ahmed who wants to move here and start a business?  Or invent the next particle accelerator?  Or cure cancer?  Or whatever Ahmed wants to do?

Why are we getting in the way of their pursuit of happiness?  Who the hell do we think we are to get between someone offering a job and someone who wants to work at a job, improving the circumstances of both consenting parties?

Liberals and Libertarians disagree on the shape and form immigration should take, and how the government and immigrants should interact, but they both agree on open borders.  As such they have a 2/3 majority on this issue and nationalists who want closed borders are in the minority.  In a sane world, there would be three countries -- a liberal country where all the worst off people on Earth come to seek refuge and charity -- a libertarian country where all the smartest and most driven individuals from around the planet can pursue their dreams unfettered by the force and fraud that keeps them down where they currently reside -- and a nationalist country where we actually love each other because we're one people in body and mind, and we wish to preserve this homogeneity because we're all stronger and better off for our bonds of shared loyalty and compatibility, rooted in our common ancestors and passed down to our common descendants, so it doesn't matter what the rest of the world would like to do by moving in alongside us.

I feel nothing for America, or other Americans, as matters stand.  The fact that they'd be willing to elect Hillary Clinton, a known rapist-enabler and accomplice to mass murder, a serial killer who has ordered the deaths of dozens, even hundreds or thousands of people deemed a hindrance to her endless quest for more wealth, status and power, is all I need to know about my 'fellow citizens' I'm supposed to care about so much.

Even if Trump pulls this out against all the odds and wins the election in November, the very fact that Hillary could even get close is infinitely damning as to the virtue of America's citizenry.  She shouldn't even receive 1% of the vote.  Hillary may well be the most evil person living in the world right now, and at least 49% of Americans if not more want to crown her queen.  We are well and truly through the looking glass and past all redemption.  Even Roman emperors can't upstage the sheer list of crimes Hillary has pulled off over her endless lifespan, and they were forced onto the citizenry at spear point.  We could have voted for anyone in America to be president, but we still chose Hillary.  What's our excuse?

I wish God would simply open a hole in the ground on November 9th and send everyone who voted for Hillary directly to Hell, cleansing this country of all its evil in a single day.  This is the clearest test between good and evil the world has ever seen.  There is simply no excuse, none, none whatsoever, to have voted for Hillary.

But that isn't even the half of it.  Why should I care about my 'fellow citizens' when most of them are fresh arrivals off a boat, with no ties of common blood or culture, no shared ideology or ideals, who are just here to make money by hook or by crook?  What on Earth do we have in common anymore?  We don't even speak the same language.

Why should I care about fellow citizens who are largely divorced, cheating on their spouses, spreading STD's, taking drugs, are obese, smokers, alcoholics, violent criminals or otherwise despicable people I'd never want to spend five seconds around?

Why should I care about fellow citizens who shame and ostracize and insult great men like Watson or Shockley just for telling the truth, while sainting utter scumbags like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown?

Why should I care about liars who live their whole lives in fantasy worlds with no relation to any of the facts put right before their noses?

I don't give a damn about the negative consequences of immigration to my 'fellow citizens.'  Actually I'm praying for all these negative consequences to come true, because they all deserve it for opening the floodgates of immigration in the first place.

The only reason I'm opposed to immigrants flooding into America is that eventually those negative consequences would spill over into my own personal life (no one can escape four billion Africans), and secondarily because if the American economy crashes many good works of art and science which are currently progressing would crash down with it.  World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, Disney's movies, Intel's chip advances, Space X's rockets, continuous agricultural improvements in yield per acre, the cures to various diseases, our amazing athletes' performances, all sorts of good things America can be proud of in the modern era would all disappear.

So long as there exist competent people working hard in America on good things that benefit the world, I don't want to see America perish in flames.  Not because Americans don't deserve the hellfire of mass immigration, but because these products might benefit genuinely virtuous and deserving people scattered here and there across the planet in the present and down the road deep into the future.

Someday, some culture, some nation, will be worthy to inherit the gifts of immortality, AI enhancements, free energy, space flight, virtual reality, free food, 3d printed housing, etc, etc.  So long as America is still contributing to these fields, whatever their personal faults may be, they are contributing to that deserving community, that true nation, that Vinland which has yet to be founded.  It would be helpful if these contributors were protected until they're wrung dry and we've benefited all we can from them.  America is the most productive place on Earth in terms of scientific progress, so blowing it up just to stick it to its current inhabitants is a little too short sighted.  Who knows, if our political efforts delay the mass immigration doomsday by even a single year, that year purchased by our patience and endurance now could be the critical year of extra funding and research scientists needed to complete their masterworks.

But it's not them I wish to protect, but solely and only the products of their minds and bodies.  There are a great many people capable of producing 'goods and services' of value, but there are very few people who are of any value themselves.  They are not worth anything, but their labor still is, and it's solely and only their labor I'm concerned about losing in the future.  In a country crippled by black dysfunction, Chinese/Mexican corruption, and Islamic terrorism, all leavened by Jewish lies and feminist self-centeredness, you can kiss fusion power or space colonies goodbye.  It will just be like South Africa where the power goes out, or Charlotte where they're currently rioting, or the streets of New York where bombs are going off, or Angelina Jolie divorcing Brad Pitt and screwing over her freakish brood of six adopted kids who never asked to be in this ridiculous family in the first place, or Mexico where the drug lords give marching orders to the mayors.  With society buffeted by so many ill winds, not even the tallest ivory tower can hope to escape the tearing apart of the fabric of society.

There won't be any money left for R&D.  There won't be any money left for frivolous entertainments.  There won't even be enough food to go around anymore (Re: Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Mao's China, North Korea).  I'd rather all the evil doers escape their just desserts and live totally clueless lives than see the engines of progress shut down and the forges of the future grow cold.

Even after Hillary is elected and the whole nation is dyed with the blackest evil imaginable, sanctioning the literal bride of Satan, I will keep wishing it well.  I don't want this country to collapse, the economy to collapse, any buildings or tunnels or bridges to collapse, or anything to collapse.  I'd gladly trade every evil doer in the present having a long and happy life if it means good people in the future will enjoy the same.

But make no mistake, I am not a citizen of America.  Americans disgust me.  I have no wish to be associated with them or categorized alongside them in any manner.  I'm a citizen of Vinland, just biding my time until we are allowed to separate from all the filth and renew civilization from the bedrock of truth to the trunk of fellowship to the full flowering of beauty.

If nationalists have no reason to prize their fellow nationals (and how could they, after this election?), liberals have no concern for their fellow nationals (and why should they, when they're already better off than 99% of the people living abroad?), and libertarians have no interest in their fellow nationals (collectives are imaginary and arbitrary, as deserving of reverence as snake or cow gods who were worshiped in the days of yore; only individuals, sovereign rational autonomous entities, have any corporeal and therefore moral meaning), who exactly does patriotism, nationalism, or citizenism appeal to?

Nationalism certainly makes sense, but not with these nationals.  That would just be a joke.  Who loves the company of cockroaches?  Anyone proposing America be nationalist should just be laughed out of the room.  Though again, anyone who is willing to restrict mass immigration and thus postpone the day of America's destruction, should be embraced for that policy alone, regardless of the soundness of how they arrived to their conclusion.  From a practical standpoint.  Not from a principled one.  And that is why Trump's antiquated view that we can somehow make America great again by sticking up for the little guy, as absurd as it is at this late date and hour, is still the best hope humanity has for a bright future.

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