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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The All Consuming Legion:

World of Warcraft: Legion has come out, and so far it's been fantastic.  Thirty-six separate artifact questlines, all of which play perfectly to your skill set and really test your mettle.  That's just to get out of the gate.  Once you have your artifacts a vast world awaits you, and a long journey of powering your artifacts up to full begins.

Some people are already max level a day after the game released.  That's pretty silly if you ask me.  The game will last for over a year before the next expansion, so you may as well take the long and scenic route.  It isn't going to run away anywhere.

Due to WoW tokens that give you in-game time via in-game gold, the game is free to play.  It's the best game around and has been for over a decade, so it's truly a privilege to get to play it for free as though it were just some dumb web app.

Legion is going to take up all of my time for a while, but at least I did get a few things done first.

I finished the sixth volume of Unlimited Fafnir.  I'm working on Tales of Symphonia's music, but that's a long haul because it's two games' worth.

I'm waiting on the last few episodes to come out in blu-ray of four series now, I've done the blu-ray rewatch of everything available for Gate S2, Working S3, Yuru Yuri S3 and Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.

Yuru Yuri has been receiving massive demotions in quality because I dislike the humor based around one sided crushes.  It feels too sadistic towards the characters affected.  Some girls are annoyed constantly by persistent confessors when they don't want that kind of relationship, while others girls are just setting themselves up for disappointment by pursuing hopeless loves.  No matter how you look at it the situation is awful, and yet somehow the show is supposed to be a comedy.  I find the story is a comedy, when it's not centered around romance.  There's a lot of good stuff concerning side characters and side situations.  But when the fundamental premise of your story is bad, it's hard to rank very highly among the best.

Saki's important announcement was a live action show and movie.  Boo boo.

Juvia died in Fairy Tail.  What are the odds she's somehow saved anyway, though?  This author hasn't had the guts to kill anyone off until now, so why would it suddenly change this time?  The emotional impact of this event is zero giving the amount of fake-outs the author has pulled until now.  If Juvia really is dead, it'll still feel like an emotionless event because it's too late after the fact to make me feel something for her when I finally do realize she really died.  If only Gajeel had died, maybe this moment would have meant something, but alas, by saving Gajeel Mashima completely ruined any future deaths that might occur.

Also, isn't Gray's life a little too tragic?  First he loses his family, then his mentor, then his mentor's daughter who is like family to him, and now his girlfriend.  Oh yeah, and he lost his father twice because once he was reanimated.  No one else has been put through the wringer like that.  Mashima hates Gray?  Or just can't think of what to do with him except add in more woes?  Once you reach too high a level of tragedy it just becomes comedy again.  "There Gray goes again, who will he lose next time?"

All the same, it's nice to see a Spriggan 12 member who can actually defeat one of the lower class mages of Fairy Tail.  It means it isn't a complete one-sided whomp fest.  Hopefully this fight keeps improving to the level of fit to be the last battle of the series.

Trump's speech is the best mainstreamable speech on immigration of all time.  It's the best speech by any American presidential candidate in at least the last fifty years.  I finally have a reason to vote.  At the same time, if America rejects this incredible, this perfect, this beautiful candidate, in favor of the detestable Hillary who is the enabler and co-conspirator of mass rape and murder by her husband then my hatred for the country will reach a new all time high.

I don't particularly care if this country goes up in flames if it doesn't elect Donald Trump.  It would be burdensome to me if electricity, water and internet became unstable, but the counteracting joy I would receive in the pain of all my enemies would more than make up for it.  Anyone who sanctions evil is just as evil as the evil they just sanctioned.  So if the majority of Americans are all okay with sanctioning rape and murder, then to hell with America.  I hope Russia nukes us in Hillary's upcoming World War III over Ukraine.  We really need to just be purged from reality.  God wiped out all sorts of evil communities in the past for being too far steeped in sin, I think it's about time he brought down his fiery wrath on us too.  Electing Hillary is simply unforgivable. 

Donald Trump is right to say this is our last chance to save our country.  But it has nothing to do with Hillary's policies.  A liberal Supreme Court and open borders immigration can be endured for four to eight years, but what can't be saved is our people's souls.  If they really get in bed with the dark banshee queen that is Hillary, there is no turning back ever again for anyone who endorsed her, nor for the nation as a whole for allowing an election process which could even conceivably crown someone like Hillary ruler.  Hillary's corruption and lies have been exposed so thoroughly, so clearly, that ignorance can no longer be an excuse for anyone.  Everyone voting for Hillary knows what they are voting for, she is the bride of Satan, and they are her handmaidens.  I've never seen a clearer choice between light and darkness, night and day, right and wrong, than the current US election.  It's like God Himself is trying to make things clear and prove beyond doubt just what type of people our country has become.  He is letting us explicitly choose, like in that Bible quote:

"This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life"

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