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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Naruto Epilogue Anime:

In a new sign that the Naruto anime is indeed coming to an end, a Naruto epilogue tv anime has been announced for Winter of 2017.  You can't reach the epilogue without first reaching the ending.

This epilogue anime will cover three books, Shikamaru Hiden, Konoha Hiden, and Sasuke Shinden.  I feel stupid now for having already bought and read the Shikamaru Hiden novel, but oh well, too late now.  But this also means that Kakashi Hiden and Sakura Hiden are not getting an anime adaption, which means buying those two books now makes a lot of sense.  Gaara Hiden and Akatsuki Hiden, at this rate, are neither translated into English nor adapted by an anime, I guess they're just lost forever to the sands of time.

Hopefully the anime will also adapt the scarlet spring gaiden manga, which is super high quality even compared to the normal Naruto manga.  Once all that's done, it can turn to the Bolt manga, though that may not be advanced far enough to receive an anime adaption yet.  The Naruto franchise isn't going to dry up any time soon.  Unlike Bleach, which is going to end ignominiously without a proper manga conclusion and also will never receive an anime adaption of its final arc.  What a contrast.

Having finished my rewatch of Owarimonogatari and Koyomimonogatari, I embarked upon the Boku Dake ga Inai Machi rewatch.  It's important to rewatch any series I title great to prove how much I liked it the first time, and so far I've proven it every time, with every show out of the 184 in my rankings.  I also gave up and rewatched Nanoha Vivid because obviously they're never going to release it on bd so I may as well just watch the tv version again.  Vivid was really good, just as you'd expect, but it's a shame the Vivid Strike anime won't be a direct sequel because they left Vivid on such a horrible cliffhanger.

With Bleach ending so terribly, I moved it back to 12th place in my manga rankings.  Behind One Piece and Dragon Ball, but ahead of Ranma 1/2 which had a pretty lame ending itself.  Now the manga and anime rankings are pretty much in line with each other, because both ended on a terrible note.  Poetic justice I guess.

I'm also rewatching Working! S3 as it comes out in blu-ray.  It's great that the show wraps everything up, but I do think the plot development is too slow per episode, and everything could have been solved a lot sooner if the author had only wanted it to be.  This is Working's weakest season.

The Rio Opening ceremony will include blacks rapping against racism and transgenders.  No thanks.  I like sports, but I think I can skip the cultural marxist brainwashing sessions without much loss.

The latest DX Precure movie has come out.  It's a musical where people break out into song and dance routines even in the middle of pitched battles.  Unfortunately the movie says nothing new which Precure hasn't said before a million times, and the songs aren't very inspired either.  This will do nothing to aid Mahoutskai Precure's place in the pantheon, which currently sits at dead last.

SAO, a story about virtual reality and therefore set in a non-real world, is getting a real world live action adaption.  That makes sense.  Not.

A new Harry Potter book is coming out.  It's just the script to a play, like you read in high school with William Shakespeare, but play scripts work fine as literature too.  Rowling says this is the last book in the franchise, but then again she said that about the previous one too. . .

Rio starts in just a few hours~

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