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Friday, August 19, 2016

Jojo's is Sub-par:

The first two seasons of Jojo's were genuinely interesting.  I thought they were doing something new and fresh with a lot of different choices.  The third season of Jojo's was a lot more frustrating, but at least it provided closure on the whole Dio storyline, which was a worthwhile objective.  The 4th season never had any reason to exist, and its mere existence is enough to bring all of Jojo's down with it.

Is the 4th season watchable?  Sure.  But only at the level of bearable.  It's not must-see entertainment.  In fact, if I weren't stubbornly invested in the show from the previous seasons, I would've dropped it long ago.  This season is so bad that it drags the entire franchise below par, to the point that none of it is worth endorsing anymore.  I rewatched seasons 1 and 2 as promised, but I dreaded the very concept of rewatching seasons 3 or 4, nor did I have any wish to read ahead in the manga, even though every other manga I have ranked I've read or watched the entire adaption of already.  Even as I had Jojo's ranked, I never treated it like all my other ranked series.  Instead of eagerly seeking out Jojo's content, I avoided it like the plague and dreaded having to deal with it some time in the future.  This isn't a must see anime or must read manga.  This is a 'even bark starts to get tasty if you go without entertainment long enough' anime and manga.

I also dropped the Tales of 'x' from my manga rankings because it didn't fit my rules of having to be originally a manga and not an adaption of some other source.

Meanwhile, Mist has finally translated volume 10 of baccano, but it's still pointless until volumes 10-21 are downloadable in English, something that used to be available but now has been cracked down on thanks to the ever so helpful yen press licensing.

Meanwhile, Saki promises a major announcement next month.  Shinohayu the anime?  A third season of Saki?  A Saki Biyori anime?  A live action movie, like Bleach?  A pachinko machine?  The series is cancelled?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But at least there's a chance something on my wishlist will be fulfilled.

Yesterday was a slow day at the Olympics, but thankfully soccer is back for the next two days to spice things up again.

The latest episode of Naruto was fantastic.  Reminds me all over again why it's #1.

Kono Bijutsubu will only ever be good.  The art is amazing, and the girls are cute and likable, but everything is too over the top and shallow/repetitive to make for a truly high class romantic comedy.  Still, good is a rare accomplishment in and of itself.  Heck, that puts it right up there with Jojo's.

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